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Life Inside March 30, 2017
A prison psychologist mourns a patient he tried to save.
Life Inside February 2, 2017
Discipline at work, leniency at home—with doubts.
Life Inside January 5, 2017
A grandmother struggles to explain the unexplainable.
Life Inside December 15, 2016
A victim is transformed by a family history of crime and violence.
Life Inside December 1, 2016
What I saw tracking down the mentally ill in jail.
Life Inside November 17, 2016
“Her eyes were slightly open, but vacant.”
Life Inside November 10, 2016
Spending 20 hours a day with someone else’s delusions.
Life Inside November 3, 2016
“Yo… this dude Trump is outta line!”
Life Inside April 28, 2016
“Sometimes I won’t hear from my family in years.”
Life Inside April 14, 2016
Frequent urine tests, controversial scanners, and false positives.
Life Inside April 7, 2016
“At the end of my life, I’d like to know that I wasn’t responsible for Lewis Clay spending his final days in prison.”
Life Inside March 31, 2016
San Quentin inmate Kevin Cooper on watching the minutes tick away on his life.
Life Inside March 25, 2016
Fear and anxiety during a three-day lockdown.
Life Inside March 17, 2016
Tales of the “pale, white-haired, geezer in a wheelchair.”
Life Inside March 4, 2016
What it’s like to slowly lose your mind in the grossest corner of the prison-industrial complex.
Life Inside February 25, 2016
When the people in charge are homophobic.
Life Inside February 18, 2016
Life, restricted.
Life Inside February 12, 2016
Finding refuge in old media.
Life Inside February 5, 2016
One crinkly letter at a time.
Life Inside January 15, 2016
From moonshine to tattoos to balloons of drugs.
Life Inside January 8, 2016
Finger handshakes, the toilet phone, and the “shoe bomber.”
Life Inside December 23, 2015
“A few flakes continued to fall, and for a moment, I forgot where I was.”
Life Inside December 11, 2015
On loss behind bars.
Life Inside December 4, 2015
After 34 years inside, sometimes you never feel free.
Life Inside July 31, 2015
The imagined journey of Steven Ray Epperson.
Life Inside July 16, 2015
Freedom, with conditions.
Life Inside June 9, 2015
“The staff didn't have a clue.”
Life Inside June 2, 2015
In which the rookie learns what police really think.
Life Inside May 26, 2015
A prisoner and former foster child on the kids he knew — and the inmates they became.
Life Inside May 19, 2015
Most of us get out old and broke. Not me.
Life Inside February 9, 2015
Out of prison, not yet home.
Life Inside February 5, 2015
The life of a transgender corrections officer.