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Life Inside February 28, 2019
Theothus Carter reflects on starring in the film “O.G.”, alongside Jeffrey Wright, while serving time in prison.
Life Inside March 30, 2017
A prison psychologist mourns a patient he tried to save.
Life Inside February 2, 2017
Discipline at work, leniency at home—with doubts.
Life Inside January 5, 2017
A grandmother struggles to explain the unexplainable.
Life Inside December 15, 2016
A victim is transformed by a family history of crime and violence.
Life Inside December 1, 2016
What I saw tracking down the mentally ill in jail.
Life Inside November 17, 2016
“Her eyes were slightly open, but vacant.”
Life Inside November 10, 2016
Spending 20 hours a day with someone else’s delusions.
Life Inside November 3, 2016
“Yo… this dude Trump is outta line!”
Life Inside April 28, 2016
“Sometimes I won’t hear from my family in years.”