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News May 21
A sudden plea deal ends a decades-long fight in a capital murder case.
News May 18
Sentencing reforms still curbing mass incarceration, but some eye reversals.
News April 12
Bernard Noble, whose case became a symbol of harsh drug laws, walks out of a Louisiana prison.
Commentary February 28
His “meaningful opportunity for release” came with impossible conditions.
News November 28, 2017
A budget crunch in Louisiana leads to an unusual wait list.
Case in Point October 16, 2017
The corkscrew case of Rogers Lacaze.
Case in Point September 25, 2017
The Supreme Court and non-unanimous juries.
Feature September 9, 2016
Meet Rhonda Covington, the one-woman office.
Feature September 8, 2016
Louisiana judges are finding some unexpected substitutes for underfunded defenders.
News April 28, 2016
Over the last 40 years, reversals have become commonplace.
News March 29, 2016
A new report says care varies widely between Louisiana’s jails and prisons.
Q&A February 21, 2016
After 42 years in solitary, Albert Woodfox walks free.
News January 28, 2016
The ACLU takes the cash-poor agency to court to force the cash-poor legislature to pay.
Feature January 4, 2016
At 16, Taurus Buchanan threw one deadly punch—and was sent away for life. Will the Supreme Court give him, and hundreds like him, a chance at freedom?
News December 14, 2015
For 20 years, Burl Cain both punished and preached.
News August 10, 2015
Getting caught in a speed trap in a small Louisiana town.
Justice Lab June 4, 2015
Surprising new research suggests parolees who go somewhere new are less likely to offend again.
News March 10, 2015
Louisiana tried to sentence five men to death for the murder of a prison guard. It wasn’t cheap.
Commentary February 27, 2015
How a post-Civil War massacre impacted racial justice in America.
Commentary February 19, 2015
In the case of this wrongfully convicted man, Louisiana says $0.00.
The Lowdown January 29, 2015
The many ways we recycle vacant prisons.
Q&A December 1, 2014
A couple of Harvard guys aim to find out.