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News June 7
As Andre Thomas faces execution for three gory murders, a court questions jury bias and his competency.
News May 1
How the administration is turning child protection into law enforcement
Life Inside January 25
When a trip to the hospital means spending hours on a cramped bus handcuffed to another prisoner.
The Frame January 19
Photographer Kirsten Luce captures the challenges facing migrants who arrive at a U.S. border crossing in Laredo, Texas.
Feature October 11, 2017
As the climate changes, inmates without air-conditioning have no escape from extreme heat.
Life Inside September 7, 2017
Employee perks: None, really, unless you count the nail gun fights.
Case in Point June 12, 2017
The Jerry Hartfield case is an extraordinary tale of justice delayed and denied.
News May 11, 2017
John Jackson did not commit misconduct in 1992 case, a jury finds.
Life Inside March 9, 2017
But only after two wrongly convicted men were set free.
Life Inside February 16, 2017
‘I can’t touch him and comfort him.’
News February 8, 2017
Donald Trump faces a fight on asset forfeiture.
Case in Point December 19, 2016
The case of Clifton Harvin pits judges against judges.
Life Inside November 10, 2016
Spending 20 hours a day with someone else’s delusions.
Crime on the Ballot November 9, 2016
Reform-minded candidates unseat incumbents in some races.
News October 23, 2016
Five Texas inmates say what they’d do differently.
News October 5, 2016
Legislators won’t touch the subject, but courts are proving more sympathetic.
Life Inside September 29, 2016
“Timothy. His first name was Timothy. I hadn’t known that. They punish us for using guards’ first names.”
Analysis September 15, 2016
Her death at a Texas jail spurred a striking amount of reform talk across political lines.
Analysis June 30, 2016
We’re in the middle of one of the longest death penalty lulls in 24 years.
Life Inside June 2, 2016
A prosecutor on the case he’ll never forget.
Looking Back May 30, 2016
And he played drums in a prison band.
The Frame May 16, 2016
A new book explores a time when Texas prisons promoted rehabilitation through a wildly successful radio show.
Commentary March 6, 2016
An attorney pieces together a life cut short.
Life Inside March 4, 2016
What it’s like to slowly lose your mind in the grossest corner of the prison-industrial complex.
Looking Back February 24, 2016
A hearing in San Antonio will revive the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
News February 2, 2016
Texas tackles debunked forensics.
Life Inside December 23, 2015
“A few flakes continued to fall, and for a moment, I forgot where I was.”
Commentary December 17, 2015
Gretchen Sween was hired a month before Holiday was executed. This is what she saw.
News August 31, 2015
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it’s just doing its job.
Life Inside July 31, 2015
The imagined journey of Steven Ray Epperson.
Feature June 17, 2015
In Texas, staffers rarely go to jail for sexually abusing inmates.
Feature June 11, 2015
What happens when prisoners go from complete isolation to complete freedom in a day?
News June 3, 2015
States are raising the age of who counts as an adult, but it’s no simple task.
Feature June 3, 2015
An immigration trend changes the face of corrections.
News May 21, 2015
A new Texas governor, a new policy on prison rape.
Commentary May 21, 2015
It’s an internment camp.
Q&A May 19, 2015
“If these biker gangs were non-white, we’d have a national freakout.”
The Frame May 1, 2015
One man’s archive of a vanished culture.
News April 23, 2015
A hearing in San Antonio revives the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
News April 8, 2015
If police had recorded his interrogation, would Max Soffar be on death row?
News March 18, 2015
State bar files charges more than 10 years after execution.
Feature March 9, 2015
More questions about the Willingham case.
News February 25, 2015
A trial in Texas tests the limits of America’s sympathy for war-damaged vets.
Commentary February 24, 2015
Life inside the infamous Willacy immigration prison.
News January 27, 2015
A new report details abuse of blind, deaf and disabled inmates in a Texas prison.
Asked and Answered January 6, 2015
A Texas prosecutor on drug laws, jury bias, and the worst part of his job.
Graphics December 23, 2014
More states have passed solitary confinement reforms this year than in the past 16 years.
Feature December 17, 2014
The public supports it, but the costs are lethal.
News December 13, 2014
The sweet spot in criminal justice reform.
News December 1, 2014
The impending execution of Scott Panetti and the search for a standard of sanity.
Feature August 3, 2014
Did Texas execute an innocent man?