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August, 2016

Are Evangelicals Ditching the Death Penalty?
Bail Reformers Aren’t Waiting for Bail Reform
Chicago’s Civilian Review Board: Will the New One Be Better?
Company in Deadly Prisoner Transportation Investigation Puts New Safety Measures in Place
Crime in Context
Does College Hazing Defy the Laws It Spawned?
End Prisons-for-Profit
I'm a Judge and I Think Criminal Court Is Horrifying
Is the Internet Endangering Criminal Informants?
Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf On Her Newfound Internet Stardom
Merger Put on Hold for Prisoner Transportation Company Facing Federal Scrutiny
Milwaukee’s Police Chief on Open-Carry Gun Laws
My Life as a Blind Man in Prison
Revisiting Attica Shows How New York State Failed to Fulfill Promises
The Absurd Things I Heard Through the Vents in My Prison Cell
The Accuser’s Mom Called Her a ‘Pathological Liar.’ Nobody Told the Defense.
The Case of the Do-Nothing Judge
The End of the Bratton Era
The Obama Criminal Justice Reforms That Trump Could Undo
The Overlooked Promise in Hillary Clinton’s Speech
What I've Learned Cutting Hair in Jail
What the DOJ’s Report on Baltimore Teaches Us About Cops, Sex Workers, and Corruption
What You Need to Know About the Private Prison Phase-Out
Why is Arkansas Flailing in Juvenile Justice?