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April, 2017

About the Gun-toting, One-legged Kentucky Woman Seeking Justice...
After 20 Years in Prison, All I Can Write Is Fantasy
At Least 61,000 Nationwide Are in Prison for Minor Parole Violations
Congressman Calls for Probe into Private Prisoner Transport
Drinking While Jurying
Here are the 7 men Arkansas plans to execute this month
I Escaped My Manic Demons, but My Clients Usually Can’t
I Paid for a Fancy Jail. The Alternative Was Terrifying.
Is It Murder if There’s No Homicide?
John Carlos Frey joins The Marshall Project
Just Another Week in Hell
Law Partners
Ledell Lee Never Had A Chance
My Execution, 20 Days Away
Probation-for-Profit Just Got Less Profitable
The Fine Print in New York’s Raise the Age Law
The Immigration Policy That Ate the Justice Department
Uneasy Riders
What I Learned About Justice Reporting From Inside Prison