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May, 2023

An All-Night, Pizza-Fueled Interrogation. A Dubious Confession. A DNA Surprise.
As a Texas Ranger Gains National Fame, His Interrogations Draw Skepticism
Connecticut Normalized Clemency. Not Anymore.
How a ‘Blue Wall’ Inside New York State Prisons Protects Abusive Guards
How Tech Like ShotSpotter Thrives Despite Public Pushback
How We Investigated Abuse by Prison Guards in New York
How We Reported on Rising Gun Possession Arrests
In 2022, Exonerations Hit a Record High in the U.S.
In a Texas Cold Case, a Potential Murder Witness Slowly Realizes He’s a Suspect
In New York Prisons, Guards Who Brutalize Prisoners Rarely Get Fired
Life Inside, Animated
Listen as a Texas Ranger Uses Lies to Extract a Questionable Murder Confession
My Brother Was Wrongfully Convicted for Murder. 20 Years Later, So Was My Son.
My Friend Jordan Neely Was Homeless and in Mental Distress. But He Was Not Expendable.
‘No Safe Place’: On Memory, Trauma and Truth
Stephen Breyer Wants the Supreme Court to Avoid ‘Self-inflicted’ Wounds
The Marshall Project Honored in 16 Categories by the Society for News Design
Title 42 is Over. What Comes Next for Asylum-Seekers?
To Solve a Young Mother’s Death, a Celebrated Texas Ranger Turns to Hypnosis
We Spent Two Years Investigating Abuse by Prison Guards in New York. Here Are Five Takeaways.
What Do People Not Understand About Working in Prisons and Jails?
Why Inflation Price Hikes Are Even Worse Behind Bars