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Andrew is a data reporter at The Marshall Project. Previously a Cross-Borders Data Investigations Fellow at Columbia University, he investigated U.S.-based, right-wing evangelical groups that use dark-money to promote anti-LGBTQ policies in Central and South America. While at The Marshall Project, he has used computer programming and data visualization to report on the immigration courts, border detention of migrant children and the cost of deportation to taxpayers. He has also collaborated on national award-winning stories, including Detained, Think Debtor’s Prisons Are a Thing of the Past? Not in Mississippi and More Immigrants Are Giving Up Court Fights and Leaving the U.S.
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News November 23, 2020
Restoring asylum claims and judges’ independence will be uphill work.
News November 17, 2020
CoreCivic and GEO Group have been shifting away from prisons toward other government contracts, like office space and immigration detention.
Analysis October 30, 2020
U.S. Customs and Border Protection carried out almost half a million child detentions during the Trump administration, data shows. More kids were held for 72 hours or more.
Feature June 22, 2020
Even after the Supreme Court ruling sparing DACA, many immigrants can face deportation. Here are the stories of three families where deportation brought financial ruin, mental health crises—and even death.
News January 27, 2020
New lawsuits by transgender people challenge bans on name changes for those convicted of crimes.
Feature January 9, 2020
How the state’s “restitution program” forces poor people to work off small debts.
News September 13, 2019
Thousands of cases have been filed since President Trump started forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.
Analysis August 23, 2019
Most of the increase comes from immigration charges, not violent crime or drugs, a new report finds.
News July 16, 2019
A series of policy changes has failed to reduce the ever-growing backlog of cases waiting to be resolved.
The Lowdown June 27, 2019
A proposal by Julián Castro would make unauthorized border crossing a civil offense, not a crime.