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Analysis of criminal justice published by The Marshall Project.
Analysis November 7
Assessing the ousted attorney general's legacy on President Trump's favorite issue.
Analysis November 2
Several reasons why the Luis Bracamontes video is grossly misleading or just plain false.
Analysis November 1
Our roundup: drugs, policing, juries, even slavery.
Analysis September 12
As the NYPD slows arrests for fare evasion, neighborhoods of color remain a target.
Analysis August 30
The first state to abolish cash bail. Why are proponents so unhappy?
Analysis August 24
Action is limited so far, but organizers are cheering the media attention.
Analysis August 23
What you need to know about the week’s momentous legal and political news in Trumpland.
Analysis June 12
It took 20 years for courts to say no. It took Jeff Sessions no time to say yes.
Analysis May 20
Despite Jeff Sessions’ new zero-tolerance mandate along the border, the Justice Department has prioritized immigration offenses for years.
Analysis March 30
The link between immigration and crime exists in the imaginations of Americans, and nowhere else.