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District Attorney Cyrus Vanceโ€™s office was responsible for almost 38 percent of New York cityโ€™s jail population in 2016.
Feature April 29, 2018
Think the Manhattan DA goes easy on the rich? Take a look at how he prosecutes the poor.
Feature April 29, 2018
Vance the philanthropist, Vance and the game of hide-the-evidence, Vance and the rise of the reform DA.
Court Watch NYC, a program which sends ordinary people to report on the daily machinery of the justice system, is focused on Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.
News February 26, 2018
Court Watch NYC is the latest local group monitoring the criminal justice system as it happens.
News December 3, 2014
Some questions and answers about the cityโ€™s new mental health initiative.