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Attendees at the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife show in Indianapolis in January.
Southside November 1, 2018
A middle-class college student from the Chicago suburbs used Facebook to sell firearms to gangsters. But was he a kingpin or a scapegoat?
People left flowers at a memorial to shooting victims outside Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe, Texas, in May.
News July 17, 2018
After Parkland, Sante Fe shootings, policies meant to protect schools may lead to some misguided arrests
Students at Roosevelt High School take part in a protest in Seattle against gun violence, following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting that killed more than a dozen teenagers.
Commentary April 2, 2018
“I take full responsibility for my actions. I killed a man. Still, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if we’d met just a few years later...if I didn’t have a gun.”
Commentary February 22, 2018
No, it’s not mental illness. It’s guns.
Two women embrace in front of the concert venue where a mass shooting took place on the Las Vegas Strip on Oct. 2.
Commentary October 4, 2017
Helping survivors of the violence in Vegas means also addressing their inevitable trauma.
A man walks past a corner where a victim of a shooting was discovered in Baltimore in 2015.
News July 27, 2017
An adman thinks it can help.
People raise wooden crosses dedicated to lives lost in Chicago, IL in 2016.
Commentary March 13, 2017
Anti-crime strategies should try to fix what makes hotspots prone to violence.
Feature October 6, 2016
A system that can link gun crimes through shell casings is hobbled by skepticism and lack of manpower.
Case in Point September 12, 2016
William Palmer was “severely mentally impaired” when he clashed with police. Should that matter?
Q&A August 16, 2016
“It’s lunacy in an urban environment.”