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Feature May 22
Broadcom's Henry Nicholas is spending millions to give victims a bigger voice, but not everyone agrees.
News May 22
Congress and criminal justice, a scorecard
News May 18
Sentencing reforms still curbing mass incarceration, but some eye reversals.
News March 8
In Kansas, even many minor drug offenders must appear on the state’s public registry. A new bill would change that.
Feature June 6, 2017
Left and right came together on criminal justice reform. Then Trump happened.
Commentary May 2, 2017
There are criminal justice actors more powerful than prosecutors.
News August 21, 2016
Many states bar dangerous rituals, but little seems to change.
Analysis October 21, 2015
Is this the beginning — or the end?
News May 27, 2015
When the test of innocence is withheld.
News February 11, 2015
Not in Congress. But what do all those anti-trafficking bills actually do?
News January 16, 2015
Left and right unite against forfeiture laws. But can they convince the Department of Justice? Update: Yes.
Looking Back December 29, 2014
How children became adults in the eyes of the law.
Graphics December 23, 2014
More states have passed solitary confinement reforms this year than in the past 16 years.
News December 12, 2014
A new law promises to track civilians killed by police. Don’t hold your breath.
Feature December 11, 2014
Judicial elections have gotten ugly. That’s bad news for defendants.
Commentary November 21, 2014
A debate between Judge Harvie Wilkinson III and Stephen Bright.
News November 17, 2014
Will Senator Grassley kill the Smarter Sentencing Act?