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Life Inside November 29, 2018
I had never been locked up before. No one told me that prison would be so cold.
Feature October 11, 2017
As the climate changes, inmates without air-conditioning have no escape from extreme heat.
Graphics September 21, 2017
After Hurricane Maria, thousands of families await news.
Life Inside March 4, 2016
What it’s like to slowly lose your mind in the grossest corner of the prison-industrial complex.
News February 16, 2016
The work is based on years of letters between Julia Steele Allen and Sara Fonseca.
Life Inside February 12, 2016
Finding refuge in old media.
News January 27, 2016
A field trip to California’s oldest prison.
Feature January 7, 2016
New programs are easing inmates out of years of solitary confinement with surprising outcomes for both prisoners and corrections officers.
Commentary October 5, 2015
Society won’t fix a prison system it can’t see.
News August 23, 2015
Barehanded, inmates are ordered to grip a metal fence in 10-degree weather.