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Candidates backed by Soros, others are still pressing ahead in other parts of the country.
News May 1
The goals of the effort are trickling down, even if the money isn’t.
Case in Point April 2
Did a prosecutor lie about whether the family of a murder victim wanted the death penalty?
Commentary March 13
“The time has come to create some level of accountability for prosecutors.”
News February 26
Court Watch NYC is the latest local group monitoring the criminal justice system as it happens.
Case in Point January 15
Why can’t the defense have access, too?
News November 8, 2017
A new order reminds prosecutors to show their evidence.
Commentary October 23, 2017
New research finds that prosecutors give white defendants better deals than black defendants.
Life Inside September 28, 2017
Law school doesn’t prepare you for delivering bad news to victims and their families.
Case in Point June 12, 2017
The Jerry Hartfield case is an extraordinary tale of justice delayed and denied.
Feature June 6, 2017
Left and right came together on criminal justice reform. Then Trump happened.
Commentary May 30, 2017
It’s a building full of prosecutors.
News May 11, 2017
John Jackson did not commit misconduct in 1992 case, a jury finds.
Commentary May 2, 2017
There are criminal justice actors more powerful than prosecutors.
Commentary April 17, 2017
A prosecutor on what his wife, a defense attorney, taught him about justice.
News March 20, 2017
A judge rules against Marilyn Mosby in the Freddie Gray case.
News March 16, 2017
But the tough-on-crime establishment fights back.
Analysis February 9, 2017
Or at least misleading, says this contrarian scholar. Here’s why it matters.
News January 25, 2017
Away from Washington, a new breed of prosecutors takes first steps.
Looking Back December 20, 2016
An extraordinary story of justice done, and what came after.
Crime on the Ballot November 9, 2016
Reform-minded candidates unseat incumbents in some races.
Crime on the Ballot October 18, 2016
A battle in Tampa reflects a shift across the country.
Life Inside September 22, 2016
“My usual insights didn’t seem to apply. I didn’t know how to help her.”
Life Inside July 21, 2016
“I’ve been called a persecutor and a sellout.”
Case in Point July 18, 2016
It’s more common than you think.
Case in Point June 19, 2016
Is that fair? The U.S. Supreme Court could soon decide.
Life Inside June 2, 2016
A prosecutor on the case he’ll never forget.
Analysis May 15, 2016
And the government can’t either.
Life Inside April 7, 2016
“At the end of my life, I’d like to know that I wasn’t responsible for Lewis Clay spending his final days in prison.”
Commentary November 18, 2015
On the eve of the next execution, a look at the state’s history of bad lawyering and faulty evidence.
Life Inside October 27, 2015
Ten days in a room with 22 other jurors. What could possibly go wrong?
News September 22, 2015
New study places a quarter of the sentences in a handful of urban areas.
Commentary September 3, 2015
People from across the political spectrum suggest criminal justice reforms the president should enact during his remaining time in office.
News August 18, 2015
Another death penalty case, another accusation of misconduct.
Feature June 24, 2015
How a proven tool may be anything but.
News March 18, 2015
State bar files charges more than 10 years after execution.
Commentary March 16, 2015
Four ways prosecutors can improve their decision-making.
News March 5, 2015
And defend their decision to play it safe.
Commentary February 13, 2015
A prosecutor considers one his office got wrong.
Commentary December 26, 2014
It’s up to judges to restore balance
Feature December 10, 2014
The lawyers favor acquittal.
News November 26, 2014
What to read in the aftermath.
News November 25, 2014
10 must-reads from coverage of the decision, and the protests.
News November 24, 2014
It's not over for Ferguson.