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News July 7
But is it legal? A California appeals court is going to decide.
Coronavirus May 1
With grand juries suspended, people who get arrested lose a route out.
News January 16
A lawsuit filed by St. Louis's first black female prosecutor highlights the virulent opposition progressive black women in the role say they have encountered.
News April 1, 2019
Prosecutors will be required to turn over information to the defense much earlier in a criminal case, among other changes.
News January 17, 2019
Newly elected prosecutors won’t take cases from unreliable officers—but are these no-call lists fair?
Southside October 29, 2018
After the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald, can a new state’s attorney bring real reform to Chicago?
News August 13, 2018
A clash over evidence that could help defendants has wider implications.
Case in Point July 23, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh and the case of Gregory “Boy Boy” Bell
Life Inside July 19, 2018
How hard could it be not to betray your friends?
Candidates backed by Soros, others are still pressing ahead in other parts of the country.