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September, 2015

About Those Rising Murder Rates: Not So Fast
A Columbine Parent Reflects on the Prospects for Gun Control
A Letter to Pope Francis
Alternatives to Bullets
A Phone Call From Jail? Better Watch What You Say
Charged With Murder Without Killing Anyone
Crime, Fear, and the Republicans
Don’t End Broken Windows Policing, Fix It
Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Prison Censor?
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Clearing Your Record
‘I’m Just Happy to Be Alive’
In New York, Padlocked Jumpsuits for Prison ‘EXPOSERS’
‘I Reviewed Jail on Yelp Because I Couldn’t Afford a Therapist.’
Life Without Parole: For Juveniles, 5 Tough Counties
Obama’s Final 500 Days
Prison Without Punishment
‘Sex is Not a Service’
‘So This Is What a Murderer Looks Like’
The Disappearing Precedent
The Next To Die
The Problem With Hiring Liars to Catch Crooks
Why High-Profile Murders Are Ripe for Conspiracy Theories
Why It’s So Hard to Fire an Abusive Prison Guard