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December, 2020

1 in 5 Prisoners in the U.S. Has Had COVID-19
A Question of Violence
Colorado Tries New Way To Punish Rogue Cops
Congress Ends Penalty That Kept A Million Americans From Getting COVID Relief Funds
Cops Could Use First Aid to Save Lives. Many Never Try.
Coronavirus Has Sparked Another Epidemic in My Prison: Anti-Asian Racism
How Trump Made a Tiny Christian College the Nation’s Biggest Prison Educator
Moving People—and Coronavirus—From Prison to Prison
No-Show Prison Workers Cost Mississippi Taxpayers Millions
Notes From a Wild Election Week Behind Bars
Police Use Painful Dog Bites To Make People Obey
Prisoners Are Setting Fires To Protest Pandemic Conditions
Should Prisoners Get Covid-19 Vaccines Early?
Some of Our Best Work of 2020
The National Guard Is Using Force on Prisoners After Little Training
The Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Police Dog
We Investigated How Police Use Dogs as Weapons. Here’s How You Can Do It Too.
Why Millions of Americans Still Can't Get Coronavirus Relief Funds