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Alex Tatusian is the editorial designer. He recently completed a fellowship at The Center for Urban Pedagogy working on New York City bail policy. Previously, he was a designer at Bon Appétit and a founder of the design working group BF Bifocals. He graduated from New York University, where he studied American literature and Latin.
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Feature November 27
Our prisons are our mental wards. One fatal case in New York shows where that can lead.
Feature October 3
After passing a series of restrictive housing laws, Miami-Dade County faces an odd predicament: bands of nomadic sex offenders and a cat-and-mouse game to move them.
Analysis September 12
As the NYPD slows arrests for fare evasion, neighborhoods of color remain a target.
Feature July 23
How Donald Trump’s war on immigrants is playing out in his hometown.
Feature July 13
But a haven for bail bondsmen is getting less friendly.
Looking Back June 24
Every law student knows John Brady’s name. But few know the story of the bumbling murder that ended in a landmark legal ruling.
Feature June 8
Can a violent adult jail teach kids to love school?
Feature April 19
We leave traces of our genetic material everywhere, even on things we’ve never touched. That got Lukis Anderson charged with a brutal crime he didn’t commit.
Looking Back March 1
How a landmark report on the 1960s race riots fell short on police reform
Feature January 22
How “Cops” became the most polarizing reality TV show in America.