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Candidates backed by Soros, others are still pressing ahead in other parts of the country.
A cop killing in California fuels a reform backlash.
Thelton Henderson transformed California’s criminal justice system. Now comes the backlash.
News January 7
A California county will issue refunds to parents wrongly billed for their kids’ incarceration.
News November 30, 2017
What it’s like to spend your teenage years tethered to Big Brother.
News November 21, 2017
Lawsuits say the practice severely penalizes those too poor to pay.
The Frame October 23, 2017
Photographer Brian L. Frank captures the lives of men on the fire lines and at home in prison conservation camps.
News October 11, 2017
The change comes months after a Marshall Project investigation.
Feature May 22, 2017
Katie's father went to prison for raping her and her brothers. It was an unthinkable crime that broke her family apart. So why couldn't she remember it?
Life Inside May 11, 2017
A lifer takes up running to “earn back” his life.
Analysis March 9, 2017
A guide to our methodology.
Feature March 9, 2017
How California's pay-to-stay jails create a two-tiered justice system.
News February 5, 2017
A California law offers a way for states to reshape troubled departments.
Crime on the Ballot November 9, 2016
Voters in three states approve measures to strengthen capital punishment.
Crime on the Ballot October 23, 2016
California Prop 62 would repeal the death penalty. A lifer says it doesn’t go far enough.
Crime on the Ballot October 19, 2016
Nebraska, Oklahoma, and California will test the prospects of abolition.
Crime on the Ballot October 17, 2016
Four important ballot measures you probably haven’t heard of.
Commentary May 22, 2016
We’re going to shackle you while you give birth, but you’ll look great.
Life Inside April 14, 2016
Frequent urine tests, controversial scanners, and false positives.
Feature April 12, 2016
How loved ones bear the hidden cost of shipping inmates out of state.
Q&A February 23, 2016
The Oscar-nominated short ‘Last Day of Freedom’ traces the troubled life of a black veteran.
The Frame February 10, 2016
Thousands of photos, unearthed after decades, form an archive of daily life.
News January 27, 2016
A field trip to California’s oldest prison.
News January 27, 2016
Three inmates had a 16-hour head start after fleeing lock-up that had ‘poor supervision.'
Life Inside January 15, 2016
From moonshine to tattoos to balloons of drugs.
News January 7, 2016
Prohibitions exist, but almost no enforcement.
News November 19, 2015
Supporters rally around a more efficient system of execution.
News November 11, 2015
For registered sex offenders in California, quite a lot.
News October 8, 2015
Three prisons were ordered to provide transgender health care. Three prisoners were suddenly set free.
Analysis September 25, 2015
When courts “de-publish” rulings to limit their impact.
News August 27, 2015
Finding new ways to treat the growing pool of older, ailing inmates.
Justice Lab August 24, 2015
Science tries to catch up with the problem of ‘accelerated aging.’
Q&A August 20, 2015
For $2 a day, “It’s a hairy adventure, let me tell you.”
Feature July 2, 2015
What comes after mass incarceration? Local incarceration.
Life Inside May 19, 2015
Most of us get out old and broke. Not me.
Feature April 11, 2015
California looks to halfway houses, finds a company cited for violence and escapes.
News February 11, 2015
Happiness is a family sleepover.
News February 10, 2015
Now that police are always on, who gets to watch?
Life Inside February 5, 2015
The life of a transgender corrections officer.
Commentary December 17, 2014
A close look at the L.A. County Jail settlement
News December 13, 2014
The sweet spot in criminal justice reform.
Commentary November 30, 2014
There are fates worse than death.