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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
Commentary July 13, 2018
Post-Ferguson, St. Louis County courts initiate reforms, but bail hasn’t yet gone away.
Commentary May 15, 2017
Fifty years after a landmark Supreme Court case, juvenile courts still lack due process.
News and Awards February 5, 2017
Ramsey was previously deputy editor at
Case in Point December 5, 2016
The case that awakened us to the mental health trauma of “Supermax”
Commentary April 6, 2016
What society owes the exonerated.
Commentary March 30, 2016
A close look at the grand compromise of 1976.
Commentary February 17, 2016
He would defend your liberty, but not your right to a lawyer.
Commentary February 11, 2016
Why African-Americans don’t trust the courts, and why it matters.
Commentary February 8, 2016
What the Black Lives Matter movement misses about those police shootings.
Commentary January 15, 2016
Two towering lives in a prequel to Black Lives Matter.