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While we have to be aware that any word we choose has influence, no amount of Googling will reveal the magic word that brings justice into American prisons.
I didn’t always detest this term. But hearing officers use it as an insult reminded me to call incarcerated people — including myself — by our names.
Inside Story March 11
The first edition of The Marshall Project’s new video series, designed for audiences inside and outside of prison, examines a toxic media myth that damaged a generation of Black youth.
The CZU Lightning Complex fire, as seen from La Honda, California, on August 19, 2020.
News September 2, 2020
“When people are in need, they don’t give a shit where you’re from or what your history is.”
Tarra Simmons, left, and Kevin Harris are running for state representative respectively in Washington and Michigan. Both have been outspoken on the campaign trail about being formerly incarcerated.
Feature June 23, 2020
A group of 2020 hopefuls say their first-hand experience with the justice system makes them best suited to fix it.
Keri Blakinger is a staff writer for The Marshall Project.
Coronavirus April 7, 2020
Struggling with “that caged animal feeling” during the coronavirus pandemic.
Lawrence Bartley is the Director of "News Inside" for The Marshall Project.
Coronavirus April 7, 2020
“If there’s one thing people who spent a long time in prison have acquired, it’s the ability to adapt.”