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Life Inside July 15
His disrespectful classroom antics could have sparked a fight. But as a former “hard case” myself, I was determined to help him.
The Frame July 14
Photographer, artist and anthropologist Cinthya Santos-Briones partners with formerly detained immigrants to shine a light on the insular “architecture of punishment” in New Jersey.
News June 23
In a handful of key states, no more than 1 in 4 formerly incarcerated people registered in time for the 2020 election, a Marshall Project analysis found.
Feature August 11, 2020
A Marshall Project / FRONTLINE film that follows an undocumented family’s struggle to survive homelessness, immigrant detention and a rapidly spreading virus.
The state Department of Licensing temporarily closed its driver...s licensing and other service counters to the public. Photographed in Tacoma, Wash., on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.
Coronavirus May 26, 2020
For many people leaving prison during the pandemic, closed DMVs mean closed doors.
At Elizabeth Detention Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, pictured here in 2008, a staff member recently tested positive for COVID-19, the first known case in the U.S. immigration detention system.
Coronavirus March 24, 2020
Detainees say officials give them little information and are not doing enough to reduce their risk.
Officials toured an area where detainees live at the Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey in 2008.
Coronavirus March 19, 2020
Case confirmed at Elizabeth, N.J., facility currently holding almost 200 detainees.
Manuel Herrera, whose family brought him to the U.S. from Honduras in 1976, at Varick Street Immigration Court in New York.
Case in Point May 21, 2018
After 22 years, Manuel Herrera discovers that it’s complicated.
Life Inside June 1, 2017
A small business owner fights back against changes in the bail industry.
Case in Point March 20, 2017
Did the subject invoke his right to remain silent?