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Case in Point February 13
New York prosecutors object to new DNA testing that might answer questions left unanswered at a murder trial.
News January 12
An uproar over cost, selection — and coloring books.
News January 3
Soon after a Marshall Project story, the governor proposes changes to an “outdated” evidence law.
News November 8, 2017
A new order reminds prosecutors to show their evidence.
Feature August 7, 2017
Defendants say evidence laws force them to take pleas while “blindfolded.”
News March 14, 2017
If it was just a crazy, drug-induced outburst, is it worth 7 years in prison?
News January 5, 2017
A ‘60s radical faces very different political atmosphere than her co-defendant did a decade ago.
Feature November 15, 2016
Prisoners describe a rampage by correctional officers in a New York prison.
Feature September 14, 2016
Applicants said the country's largest state university system discriminated against former prison inmates. Now, the schools have decided to 'ban the box'.
The Frame May 3, 2016
An encounter with the Bard transforms a troupe of inmate actors.
Feature March 24, 2016
Imagine living in a cell that’s smaller than a parking space — with a homicidal roommate.
Q&A February 17, 2016
‘There was nothing I could do with him being in there.’
News December 20, 2015
Under pressure, New York says it will better track correctional officers
News December 11, 2015
‘I never thought people would care.’
Life Inside November 25, 2015
Cooking turkeys, building resumes.
News October 20, 2015
Amid abuse charges, union acts to ‘protect our officers.’
Commentary October 5, 2015
It’s time to take these cases away from local prosecutors.
Feature September 27, 2015
Corrections officials say he injured an inmate and lied about it. He’s still a state employee. He’s more the rule than the exception.
News September 16, 2015
An effective way to curb behavior, or ‘an extreme form of restraint’?
News August 27, 2015
Finding new ways to treat the growing pool of older, ailing inmates.
News August 23, 2015
Barehanded, inmates are ordered to grip a metal fence in 10-degree weather.
News June 9, 2015
A system that kept a teenager in Rikers for three years.
Life Inside June 2, 2015
In which the rookie learns what police really think.
News May 26, 2015
A new report could have a big impact on New York’s prison population — if anyone pays attention.
Q&A May 26, 2015
Malcolm Bell, former special state prosecutor and whistleblower, on getting away with murder.
News May 17, 2015
Justice Department to study brutality in troubled prison.
Asked and Answered March 25, 2015
A New York City cop of over 20 years on the media’s ignorance, the benefits of stop-and-frisk, and why he wishes he could live in New Jersey.
News March 19, 2015
A story of brutality clears the prison censors.
Commentary March 13, 2015
Governor Cuomo’s compromise leaves too many children behind.
News March 5, 2015
And defend their decision to play it safe.
News March 2, 2015
Brutal beating resolved with a misdemeanor plea.
Feature February 28, 2015
A savage beating, a culture “beyond repair.”
News February 24, 2015
The first reviews are in, mostly amazed that New York actually made these films.
Feature February 20, 2015
Two new safety videos aim to protect New York inmates from prison rape.
Looking Back December 29, 2014
How children became adults in the eyes of the law.
Life Inside November 15, 2014
An aging bank robber faces the end.