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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
News July 10
A movement to let the formerly incarcerated cut hair and drive taxis is gaining ground.
News July 1
One migrant’s encounter with “zero tolerance."
News June 28
For many recently-released prisoners, severe dental issues are just one more barrier to restarting their lives.
News June 26
How one ambitious program aims to reduce crime by changing how repeat offenders think.
News June 22
The administration is no longer separating them. Now more parents and children will be held at places like this.
News June 18
Charles Rhines argued jurors sent him to death row in part because they knew he was gay.
News June 7
As Andre Thomas faces execution for three gory murders, a court questions jury bias and his competency.
News May 30
In prison, seeing the doctor can cost up to a month’s salary.
News May 22
Congress and criminal justice, a scorecard
News May 21
A sudden plea deal ends a decades-long fight in a capital murder case.
News May 18
Sentencing reforms still curbing mass incarceration, but some eye reversals.
News May 5
A lawyer’s scheme to stage a phony exoneration and cash in.
News May 3
A memorial, a pilgrimage, a reconciliation.
News May 1
The goals of the effort are trickling down, even if the money isn’t.
News May 1
Newark tries to restore trust with a novel program.
News May 1
How the administration is turning child protection into law enforcement
News April 30
A Marshall Project journey to Montgomery, Alabama.
News April 20
The North Carolina State Bar probes Patrick Megaro.
News April 17
Angry at Chicago, he cuts off police aid for all.
News April 17
Trump seems to say, not anymore.
News April 12
Bernard Noble, whose case became a symbol of harsh drug laws, walks out of a Louisiana prison.
News April 5
A prizewinning writer is punished for acting like a free man.
News April 4
Wisconsin shows off the new normal in judicial elections: political, expensive and often about something else.
News March 28
Obama revived Pell grants for prisoners, but the program faces a cloudy future.
News March 28
Even after the high-profile death of Kalief Browder, jails in the rest of the state routinely isolate juveniles.
News March 20
‘Sentence review units’ would revisit harsh punishments from the past.
News March 15
Trump’s nominee to this panel called it “an overfed lemur.”
News March 15
The state knows shockingly little about how this would work.
News March 8
In Kansas, even many minor drug offenders must appear on the state’s public registry. A new bill would change that.
News February 26
Court Watch NYC is the latest local group monitoring the criminal justice system as it happens.
News February 26
A federal judge considers $1 million in fines for one state’s “pervasive and intractable failures.”
News February 23
Cops v. Trump on union clout.
News February 14
Johnson & Johnson uses the prospect of jail time to market a schizophrenia drug.
News February 7
Congressional hopeful, district attorney, debt collector.
News January 29
After a Marshall Project story, a man serving nine years in jail is moved to a prison.
News January 28
A young California lawyer helps long-term inmates with their white-collar problems.
News January 26
The bureau relents in a stalemate over pepper spray.
News January 24
On Tennessee’s death row, the old aphorism applies: art is long, life is short.
News January 23
A glitch in North Carolina law is trapping people for years in unequipped jails.
News January 17
Here are nine ways the law-and-order president has smashed Obama’s legacy.
News January 16
Some states are welcoming back ex-offenders to work behind bars.
News January 12
An uproar over cost, selection — and coloring books.
News January 9
Sessions considers tying the hands of immigration judges.
News January 7
A California county will issue refunds to parents wrongly billed for their kids’ incarceration.
News January 4
It just got a lot harder to send a care package to New York prisoners.
News January 3
Here are the most important places to keep an eye on.
News January 3
Soon after a Marshall Project story, the governor proposes changes to an “outdated” evidence law.
News December 21, 2017
Prison as college campus. Prison as wellness center. Prison as monastery.
News December 13, 2017
The Alabama Democrat represents the flip-side of his predecessor.
News December 8, 2017
A new survey finds it’s more difficult than you might think.
News December 7, 2017
Awakening Evangelicals to an “outrageous” system.
News November 30, 2017
What it’s like to spend your teenage years tethered to Big Brother.
News November 29, 2017
North Carolina’s plan to stymie judges who waive fines and fees.
News November 28, 2017
A budget crunch in Louisiana leads to an unusual wait list.
News November 27, 2017
It depends on where you live. (Californians, you’re in luck.)
News November 21, 2017
Lawsuits say the practice severely penalizes those too poor to pay.
News November 9, 2017
When women report abuse from the men in their custody.
News November 8, 2017
A new order reminds prosecutors to show their evidence.
News November 7, 2017
Even the Trump administration casts doubt on the $444-million plan.
News November 2, 2017
“Fat chance!” is giving way to “Well, maybe…”
News October 31, 2017
Some American prisons are singing a European tune.
News October 30, 2017
A company’s program, used by Walmart and others, bypasses the cops.
News October 24, 2017
A judge protects an exonerated man from his lawyer.
News October 20, 2017
For prisoners in a hurricane, there’s nowhere to run.
News October 11, 2017
The change comes months after a Marshall Project investigation.
News October 10, 2017
The Marshall Project teams up with Teen Vogue to listen.
News September 25, 2017
Stalemate over a can of pepper spray.
News September 24, 2017
The Supreme Court considers whether “civil commitment” is just prison by another name.
News September 20, 2017
Colorado just outlawed jail for people in a psychiatric crisis, but plenty of states still do it.
News September 19, 2017
The Army wanted Pfc. Cho. Now it’s not so sure.
News September 19, 2017
Faulty and outdated technology is pervasive, and upgrades are slow in coming.
News September 1, 2017
Um, because they’re free.
News August 30, 2017
Medical professionals say the state’s new lethal injection protocol “doesn’t make much sense.”
News August 28, 2017
Recent lawsuits claim the agency is targeting people for deportation based on spurious allegations of gang connections.
News August 25, 2017
“These guys were absolutely jaw-dropping in their incompetence.”
News August 23, 2017
Mark Inch is about to find out.
News August 14, 2017
The mixed blessing of an internet posse.
News August 9, 2017
You can go to prison in Florida for a $300 crime, but it’s $2,500 in Wisconsin.
News August 8, 2017
Border officials are supposed to return personal belongings to people who are deported to Mexico but often don’t.
News August 2, 2017
Your doctor, your pharmacist... and the police.
News August 1, 2017
Recent rulings in a half-dozen states signal new momentum.
News July 27, 2017
An adman thinks it can help.
News July 23, 2017
Arizona is set to become the latest state to move away from automatic isolation for death row inmates.
News July 21, 2017
A federal sting reveals lax oversight in the Defense Department’s gear giveaway program.
News July 18, 2017
A new study examines the lingering impact of war-on-crime policies.
News July 13, 2017
So far, two states say not always, and try to limit the practice.
News July 13, 2017
Scharlette Holdman, pioneering foe of the death penalty, dies at 70.
News July 12, 2017
A new report contradicts a claim from the Bureau of Prisons.
News July 5, 2017
As a federal program grows, more mentally ill immigrants have access to attorneys.
News June 22, 2017
A new study shows a striking disparity between incarcerated men and women.
News June 21, 2017
But is a novel video tutorial the best way? The jury is still out.
News June 20, 2017
Communities across the country are defying the Trump administration on immigration.
News June 18, 2017
After 18 months of freedom, Robert Woodall may be headed back behind bars.
News June 14, 2017
An intensive study and new programs to combat stress that often goes overlooked.
News June 12, 2017
A new lawsuit alleges poor care for mentally ill inmates at one of the highest security prisons in the country.
News June 6, 2017
Almost a year after our story, a preliminary investigation looks closely at one case.
News May 31, 2017
A new survey of 2,000 federal prisoners reveals big gaps in teaching reentry skills.
News May 23, 2017
A small nonprofit gathers criminal justice statistics, one county at a time.
News May 17, 2017
Without it, state compensation funds would again bear more of the burden.
News May 16, 2017
Some D.A.’s urge new discretion on pleas, sentences.
News May 11, 2017
Your guide to becoming a source
News May 11, 2017
John Jackson did not commit misconduct in 1992 case, a jury finds.
News May 10, 2017
Here’s what you need to know about the “Tuesday Night Massacre.”
News May 10, 2017
For troubled repeat offenders, a chance at a supportive place to live.
News May 8, 2017
Medical care is already bad for immigrant detainees. Will Trump policies make it worse?
News April 28, 2017
The news from your local lockup is not good.
News April 26, 2017
Rep. Ted Deutch, a Florida Democrat, keeps up pressure on the House.
News April 23, 2017
But the number is probably far higher, Marshall Project survey shows.
News April 16, 2017
Under Sessions’ latest orders, the border is everywhere.
News April 14, 2017
Thousands of juveniles could still head right to adult court.
News April 13, 2017
Georgia squeezes “offender-funded” supervision.
News April 10, 2017
The cases of the condemned capture much of the debate for and against the death penalty.
News March 23, 2017
Federal officials promised last year to look into the mistreatment of detainees, but little has changed.
News March 20, 2017
A judge rules against Marilyn Mosby in the Freddie Gray case.
News March 16, 2017
But the tough-on-crime establishment fights back.
News March 14, 2017
If it was just a crazy, drug-induced outburst, is it worth 7 years in prison?
News March 12, 2017
Now 28, he’ll be re-sentenced, unless the court finds him ‘irreparably corrupt.’
News March 7, 2017
A major player in law enforcement says it will no longer use a method linked to false confessions.
News March 3, 2017
The announcement comes just hours after we highlighted the practice.
News March 2, 2017
For 40 years, many parents have had to pay for their children's incarceration, but that may be changing.
News March 1, 2017
Medications are effective, but jails are still slow to provide them.
News February 14, 2017
Sometimes justice is just weird.
News February 12, 2017
Suggestions from the people who know juvenile detention best.
News February 8, 2017
Donald Trump faces a fight on asset forfeiture.
News February 5, 2017
A California law offers a way for states to reshape troubled departments.
News February 2, 2017
A filmmaker spends a year inside a Virginia supermax facility.
News January 25, 2017
Away from Washington, a new breed of prosecutors takes first steps.
News January 18, 2017
Two commutations this week was less than many had hoped for.
News January 18, 2017
Some deportees gain, too, but no one knows how many are affected.
News January 16, 2017
The question is trickier than you’d think for police, and the courts, to answer.
News January 5, 2017
A ‘60s radical faces very different political atmosphere than her co-defendant did a decade ago.
News December 20, 2016
In the last days of the Obama administration, regulators quietly ease the child support burden on parents in prison.
News December 14, 2016
A national field trip to Incarceration Nation, under the shadow of Donald Trump
News December 12, 2016
Testing the reliability of video analysis.
News December 7, 2016
It is the latest call for an investigation of the for-profit extradition industry.
News November 29, 2016
With Trump’s pledge to deport millions, bail hearings become an even bigger issue.
News November 18, 2016
From police to prosecutions to prisons, the AG holds wide sway.
News November 15, 2016
More than $19 million spent on campaigns for top court seats in 27 states.
News November 9, 2016
The president-elect may soon upend an Obama-era police reform tactic.
News October 25, 2016
An inmate’s novel is the latest test.
News October 23, 2016
Five Texas inmates say what they’d do differently.
News October 5, 2016
Legislators won’t touch the subject, but courts are proving more sympathetic.
News October 3, 2016
Police want a sample. They can do it the easy way, or they can do it the hard way.
News September 29, 2016
A new docu-series, ‘America Divided,’ explores inequality, issue by issue.
News September 27, 2016
But in South Carolina, making the juvenile system more humane will be much harder.
News September 27, 2016
Prisoners can be forced to work without pay — the Constitution says so.
News September 27, 2016
Collected from around the web by Marshall Project staff.
News September 22, 2016
In a year of inaction, a bill that changes the way we treat juveniles makes some headway.
News September 22, 2016
A fund is designated to train, pay and advise American defense lawyers.
News September 21, 2016
Amid a current prison work stoppage, here are five strikes and how they turned out.
News September 20, 2016
In Chicago and elsewhere, rookies are cannon fodder while vets police the safer neighborhoods.
News September 13, 2016
A federal statute from the Carter era favors negotiation, but that can take a long time.
News September 6, 2016
A strict new policy begins after "a security violation".
News August 25, 2016
A new book brings attention to the deadly 1971 prison uprising. Reporters for The New York Times and The Marshall Project describe what has changed since then, and what hasn’t.
News August 23, 2016
They’re using charity to set poor defendants free.
News August 21, 2016
Many states bar dangerous rituals, but little seems to change.
News August 18, 2016
With the feds cutting back, the companies are down but not out.
News August 16, 2016
Advocates seek more independence from police involvement.
News August 10, 2016
A close look at the “executive actions” that the sweep of a pen could end.
News August 9, 2016
A proposed deal between Prisoner Transportation Services and its closest rival is delayed after an objection is filed.
News August 5, 2016
The moves by Prisoner Transportation Services come a month after a Marshall Project story.
News July 27, 2016
“We have far too much imperialism in the chief executive.”
News July 27, 2016
Only if you look at very limited data.
News July 25, 2016
A lot of those guns come from neighboring Indiana, the state his running mate leads.
News July 20, 2016
We may never know, because “it is so easy to fall through the cracks.”
News July 12, 2016
Her pledge to lawmakers comes after a Marshall Project investigation into deaths and abuses in the industry.
News July 12, 2016
Officers seize on the latest craze for fun — and plenty of safety tips.
News July 8, 2016
Collected from around the web by Marshall Project staff.
News July 8, 2016
Collected from around the web by Marshall Project staff.
News June 29, 2016
A star of reality TV, Beth Chapman takes on those who say money bail is unfair.
News June 22, 2016
When being innocent isn’t enough, you need Jon Eldan.
News June 21, 2016
An attempt to find out confronts a frayed patchwork of data across the country.
News June 19, 2016
Some defense lawyers have learned to specialize in the realm of excess.
News June 9, 2016
For decades, California prosecutors covered up unethical deals with jailhouse informers.
News June 7, 2016
A high-profile sexual-assault case provokes demands for pulling the judge off the bench, but such a remedy is rare.
News May 31, 2016
In Tennessee and other states, former felons can’t always afford it.
News May 24, 2016
The special problem of being a sex offender.
News May 19, 2016
The high court has said most kids shouldn't be sentenced to life without parole, but some prisoners' fate are in the hands of politics.
News May 6, 2016
Milwaukee’s David Clarke is the latest in a long line of controversy-courting lawmen
News May 2, 2016
Some suspect “implicit bias” is not just a problem for police, prosecutors, and judges.
News April 28, 2016
Over the last 40 years, reversals have become commonplace.
News April 14, 2016
A new policy in Texas limits inmates’ access to social media, creating a First Amendment conundrum.
News April 11, 2016
For decades, New York state’s corrections officers union has held the power in disciplinary decisions.
News April 5, 2016
Operating under federal oversight, officers will be scrutinized for how they use force.
News March 30, 2016
An attempt to further level out crack cocaine sentencing disparities.
News March 29, 2016
Rules from 2012 are too often ignored, advocates say.
News March 29, 2016
A new report says care varies widely between Louisiana’s jails and prisons.
News March 16, 2016
After voters oust two prosecutors for failing to hold police accountable, maybe.
News March 3, 2016
They’re harsh, dangerous and isolated — and may be around for a while.
News February 25, 2016
“An Anatomy of Doubt,” a young woman’s story of rape and redemption, debuts Friday.
News February 22, 2016
Corrections facilities are ground zero for treating hepatitis C — but at a cost.
News February 16, 2016
The work is based on years of letters between Julia Steele Allen and Sara Fonseca.
News February 9, 2016
Target of legislation is sex-traffickers; critics call it a ‘scarlet letter.’
News February 4, 2016
Few holdouts remain, as drug-war-era bans on benefits are lifted.
News February 2, 2016
Texas tackles debunked forensics.
News January 28, 2016
The ACLU takes the cash-poor agency to court to force the cash-poor legislature to pay.
News January 27, 2016
A field trip to California’s oldest prison.
News January 27, 2016
Three inmates had a 16-hour head start after fleeing lock-up that had ‘poor supervision.'
News January 25, 2016
The Montgomery ruling says juveniles sentenced to life without parole must get a shot at a new sentence or parole.
News January 25, 2016
Brush your teeth, sit up straight, and prepare for disappointment.
News January 19, 2016
Jail time increasingly gives way to residential programs.
News January 7, 2016
Prohibitions exist, but almost no enforcement.
News January 5, 2016
Perhaps because he’s been here before.
News January 5, 2016
“My testimony sent an innocent person to prison…. I absolutely wanted the earth to swallow me.”
News January 4, 2016
A law practice finds thousands whose sentences could be affected by Miller v. Alabama
News December 28, 2015
A 5-year turnaround is cited as a model of prevention.
News December 24, 2015
A note on the joys of collaboration
News December 23, 2015
It’s not true that prisoners get released during the holidays
News December 22, 2015
The Louisville jail holds an annual competition to bring cheer to a tough time of year
News December 20, 2015
Under pressure, New York says it will better track correctional officers
News December 18, 2015
It depends on who is counting, and what they count.
News December 18, 2015
“An Unbelievable Story of Rape” by The Marshall Project and ProPublica underscored the need for improving rape investigations. Here’s how.
News December 18, 2015
A roundup of clips and one-liners from one of the most vocal critics of our prison system.
News December 17, 2015
A Marshall Project reading list.
News December 16, 2015
A roundup of interviews and documents.
News December 15, 2015
The Laquan McDonald killing was preceded by years of documented violence.
News December 14, 2015
For 20 years, Burl Cain both punished and preached.
News December 14, 2015
Why hasn’t President Obama freed more prisoners? Maybe that’s the wrong question.
News December 11, 2015
‘I never thought people would care.’
News December 9, 2015
Journalists Liliana Segura, Gabriel Dance and Maurice Chammah took your questions about the death penalty and criminal justice reporting. Here are some of the highlights.
News December 9, 2015
Researchers think turning more vacant lots green might work.
News December 7, 2015
Join us for a chat on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. about the state of the death penalty in 2015, and what's to come in 2016
News December 4, 2015
“It keeps replaying on a loop: you smell it and see it and hear it.”
News December 2, 2015
Chicago’s chief became a political liability.
News November 24, 2015
Treating Hep C isn’t cheap, but experts say it’s cost-effective.
News November 19, 2015
Supporters rally around a more efficient system of execution.
News November 13, 2015
When raising money the old-fashioned way just won’t do.
News November 12, 2015
‘Is there any better way than money’?
News November 11, 2015
For registered sex offenders in California, quite a lot.
News November 10, 2015
Prodded by lawsuits, one jail moves to curb fetal deaths.
News November 6, 2015
A widespread heroin problem could open the door to a once-radical idea.
News November 3, 2015
An expensive, tough-on-crime race tests the current system.
News October 28, 2015
A lack of evidence doesn’t stop cities from rounding up sexual offenders on the holiday.
News October 26, 2015
Inside Utah’s troubled indigent defense system.
News October 22, 2015
Editor-in-Chief Bill Keller moderates a White House talk with law enforcement leaders.
News October 22, 2015
Phone home, go broke.
News October 21, 2015
Join the conversation by submitting your question for President Obama.
News October 21, 2015
New group backs bipartisan proposals to ease drug sentencing, solitary confinement.
News October 20, 2015
Amid abuse charges, union acts to ‘protect our officers.’
News October 19, 2015
The debate over the federal ‘residual clause.’
News October 9, 2015
A profile of the 6,000.
News October 8, 2015
Three prisons were ordered to provide transgender health care. Three prisoners were suddenly set free.
News October 6, 2015
In North Carolina case on racial profiling, U.S. suffers its first loss.
News October 1, 2015
Alec Karakatsanis’s quest to stop courts from punishing poor people who can’t pay their fees.
News October 1, 2015
Sidestepping the issue since his days as mayor of Burlington.
News September 22, 2015
New study places a quarter of the sentences in a handful of urban areas.
News September 17, 2015
A primer on the complicated road to expungement.
News September 16, 2015
An effective way to curb behavior, or ‘an extreme form of restraint’?
News September 14, 2015
Can you really trust an informant who’s been arrested in 43 states?
News September 10, 2015
An Alabama man, wrongfully convicted, overcomes a judicial override to gain his freedom.
News September 4, 2015
A confession, a threat—it’s probably taped. And admissible.
News August 31, 2015
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it’s just doing its job.
News August 28, 2015
A grassroots effort aims to restore what the legislature just ended.
News August 27, 2015
Finding new ways to treat the growing pool of older, ailing inmates.
News August 26, 2015
An appeals lawyer who has represented more than a half-dozen men put to death in Missouri faces questions about her competency.
News August 23, 2015
Barehanded, inmates are ordered to grip a metal fence in 10-degree weather.
News August 18, 2015
Another death penalty case, another accusation of misconduct.
News August 17, 2015
In New York, darkened car windows lead to more police encounters than stop and frisk.
News August 14, 2015
For frustrated police, it’s a quick fix but no solution.
News August 13, 2015
How other states dealt with their death rows after killing capital punishment.
News August 10, 2015
A California case may decide.
News August 10, 2015
Getting caught in a speed trap in a small Louisiana town.
News August 7, 2015
Postscript on the travails of a teenage sex offender.
News August 7, 2015
How a Tennessee judge ensured that an accused cop-killer would not go free.
News August 5, 2015
The evolving state of voting rights for prisoners.
News August 4, 2015
A new report and a growing phenomenon.
News July 30, 2015
But will politics eventually trump cost and data?
News July 23, 2015
New, retroactive sentencing guidelines begin to kick in.
News July 22, 2015
It’s not just black men who matter.
News July 22, 2015
And it has nothing to do with the arrest itself.
News July 13, 2015
The drug use that plagues the state now haunts its cellblocks.
News July 10, 2015
For example: Most states don’t require board members to have any experience with the criminal justice system.
News July 8, 2015
But the new program would not have helped Kalief Browder.
News July 7, 2015
Seven facts about rape.
News July 2, 2015
In tracking deaths by police, the tech world might beat Uncle Sam.
News July 1, 2015
When cigarettes are outlawed, only outlaws have cigarettes.
News July 1, 2015
Expunged arrest records, and new jobs for police dogs.
News June 29, 2015
Are U.S. drug companies against the death penalty? Sort of.
News June 26, 2015
The law on cursing at cops.
News June 25, 2015
Age restriction would be toughest in the nation.
News June 25, 2015
A case so messy one judge says it’s an argument for abolishing the death penalty.
News June 22, 2015
Columbia students rally to get their school to divest from private prison companies.
News June 22, 2015
Selected news and comment from this morning’s Opening Statement.
News June 22, 2015
How Germany does prison, day five.
News June 19, 2015
Dylann Roof and the challenges of proving bias.
News June 19, 2015
Inside the German prison system, day four.
News June 17, 2015
A Minnesota sex-offender program is under fire. How long can the state hold people for crimes they have not yet committed?
News June 17, 2015
Blank stares and culture shock. How Germany does prison, day two.
News June 16, 2015
Americans on a mind-boggling incarceration road trip. Day One.
News June 16, 2015
As states loosen marijuana laws, the consequences for noncitizens remain as strict as ever.
News June 11, 2015
It’s not just the big profits and dead inmates.
News June 10, 2015
More and more, police are told to leave that to Hollywood.
News June 9, 2015
A system that kept a teenager in Rikers for three years.
News June 8, 2015
Re-assessing a videotaped interrogation.
News June 8, 2015
Or is it junk science?
News June 5, 2015
In Mississippi prisons last year, half the officers quit.
News June 3, 2015
States are raising the age of who counts as an adult, but it’s no simple task.
News June 2, 2015
The rule says no solitary for kids. The staff finds a loophole.
News May 27, 2015
When the test of innocence is withheld.
News May 26, 2015
A new report could have a big impact on New York’s prison population — if anyone pays attention.
News May 21, 2015
A new Texas governor, a new policy on prison rape.
News May 20, 2015
For those who weren’t around in “the bad old days.”
News May 20, 2015
How many years make a life sentence for a teenager?
News May 19, 2015
Is it time to dismantle the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives?
News May 17, 2015
Justice Department to study brutality in troubled prison.
News May 15, 2015
A closer look at the three federal inmates who have been executed since the 1960s.
News May 15, 2015
Like many states, the feds have trouble getting the killer drugs.
News May 15, 2015
Why Michigan prisoners aren't taking a video about prison rape seriously.
News May 15, 2015
Today marks the deadline for states to comply with prison rape laws. The results? More are, some may not be, and most just want an extension.
News May 14, 2015
A shooting death spotlights Wisconsin’s legacy of police reform.
News May 14, 2015
... die a (probably) painless death or live 50 years in solitary?
News May 12, 2015
With jails filling up, right to counsel gains favor.
News May 12, 2015
A new Human Rights Watch report assesses use of force behind bars.
News May 7, 2015
She was for reform before she was against it before she was for it.
News May 7, 2015
A tough, new report says it’s time for federal prisons to release the elderly and infirm.
News May 2, 2015
The softer side of Justice Department intervention.
News April 29, 2015
High Court’s conservatives bridle at ‘guerilla’ tactics of ‘abolitionist’ movement.
News April 28, 2015
A brief, aggregated history of the Baltimore police commissioner at the eye of the storm.
News April 27, 2015
Did you know police have their own Bill of Rights?
News April 24, 2015
Ask the experts in a Facebook chat Friday at noon ET.
News April 24, 2015
A forensic whistleblower on the latest scandal.
News April 24, 2015
A police officer makes the case for keeping your distance.
News April 23, 2015
Baltimore’s chief on policing in black communities.
News April 23, 2015
A hearing in San Antonio revives the ghosts of the satanic abuse trials and questions about the testimony of child victims.
News April 22, 2015
What diabetics face behind bars.
News April 22, 2015
A 25-year-veteran cop says the place for reservists is behind a desk.
News April 17, 2015
An immigration detention facility tries a new method for curbing sexual assault: Make the women dress differently.
News April 16, 2015
Only in Arkansas. And a stealthy campaign is changing that.
News April 14, 2015
One by a nervous kid. One by a self-styled hit man. A Detroit whodunnit.
News April 14, 2015
But they hardly ever get punished this severely.
News April 10, 2015
50,000 parents, mostly black fathers, can guess.
News April 8, 2015
If police had recorded his interrogation, would Max Soffar be on death row?
News April 6, 2015
Why police are better paid than most workers.
News April 6, 2015
Who is the toughest judge in all of Wisconsin?
News April 6, 2015
In time for closing arguments, ten pieces to catch you up.
News April 3, 2015
Allegations in Harlem the latest blow to a celebrated anti-violence program.
News April 3, 2015
The Prison Rape Elimination Act is making its way into state prisons, but what about all those county jails?
News April 2, 2015
A closer look at a favorite (and unreliable) law-enforcement tool: drug field tests.
News March 27, 2015
But does the state go far enough?
News March 24, 2015
It’s Florida, hands down.
News March 19, 2015
#Blacklivesmatter wants to stay black.
News March 19, 2015
A story of brutality clears the prison censors.
News March 18, 2015
State bar files charges more than 10 years after execution.
News March 17, 2015
What the HBO documentary series shows us about real-world law enforcement.
News March 17, 2015
For offenders seeking a new life, a new redemption tool.
News March 16, 2015
A private prison company, a prison riot, and what comes next.
News March 13, 2015
Giving jurors a say in sentencing.
News March 12, 2015
The nation diversifies. The bureau, not so much.
News March 11, 2015
Sex-offender laws are raising questions about the right to worship.
News March 10, 2015
Louisiana tried to sentence five men to death for the murder of a prison guard. It wasn’t cheap.
News March 5, 2015
And defend their decision to play it safe.
News March 5, 2015
How hard is it to count deaths by police?
News March 2, 2015
Brutal beating resolved with a misdemeanor plea.
News February 27, 2015
Why cities are struggling with backlogs, and what they’re doing about them.
News February 25, 2015
A trial in Texas tests the limits of America’s sympathy for war-damaged vets.
News February 24, 2015
The first reviews are in, mostly amazed that New York actually made these films.
News February 24, 2015
Congress outlawed them. The Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional. Yet they live on.
News February 20, 2015
How Academy Award-nominated films have handled, and mishandled, criminal justice.
News February 20, 2015
Can classic community policing prevent terrorism?
News February 18, 2015
It’s not just about bad haircuts and peanut butter.
News February 17, 2015
Is Vivitrol an answer to addiction? A drug-plagued county thinks so.
News February 16, 2015
Boston cops weather the endless snow.
News February 13, 2015
In some states you can watch the movie, but don’t try to act it out.
News February 13, 2015
As Pennsylvania hits pause on capital punishment, the script sounds familiar.
News February 11, 2015
Not in Congress. But what do all those anti-trafficking bills actually do?
News February 11, 2015
The jester takes a bow.
News February 11, 2015
Happiness is a family sleepover.
News February 10, 2015
Now that police are always on, who gets to watch?
News February 4, 2015
And you thought it was only teenagers...
News February 4, 2015
Inside the world of “murderabilia.”
News February 2, 2015
A new set of characters enters the courtroom lexicon.
News February 2, 2015
An accused terrorist goes on trial. Manhattan yawns.
News January 31, 2015
Who’s selling what to the executioner?
News January 28, 2015
A selective guide to the reporting on the next attorney general.
News January 28, 2015
The Bureau of Prisons tightens the rules at its secretive “Communication Management Units.”
News January 27, 2015
But we don’t execute them. A short history.
News January 27, 2015
A new report details abuse of blind, deaf and disabled inmates in a Texas prison.
News January 23, 2015
Is clemency still the third rail? We may find out.
News January 23, 2015
Defendants may be presumed innocent — but can judges ensure they look innocent?
News January 22, 2015
Another conviction is thrown out after prosecutors misuse PowerPoint.
News January 21, 2015
A close look at the language of past State of the Union speeches.
News January 20, 2015
He was nearly executed because his lawyers missed a filing deadline. Now the Supreme Court has weighed in on what should happen next.
News January 20, 2015
Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech.
News January 16, 2015
The Feds acquire a confusing asset: bitcoins.
News January 16, 2015
Lawyer v. Court. Guess who wins?
News January 16, 2015
Left and right unite against forfeiture laws. But can they convince the Department of Justice? Update: Yes.
News January 15, 2015
The FAA recruits local cops to police drones.
News January 14, 2015
Now comes the hard part.
News January 13, 2015
The impending execution of a decorated soldier shows the limits of the PTSD defense.
News January 12, 2015
Alabama pitches prison reform as a states' rights issue.
News January 12, 2015
The great (make-believe) Ebola outbreak.
News January 8, 2015
A view from the corner.
News January 7, 2015
The attorney general’s last word.
News January 6, 2015
From Calvin Coolidge to Bill de Blasio.
News December 23, 2014
When prosecutors slide around the law.
News December 19, 2014
Where would you rather do time?
News December 18, 2014 none of your damn business.
News December 17, 2014
Do prison inmates have a right to privacy?
News December 17, 2014
Experts, experts and more experts.
News December 16, 2014
A brief modern history of racially motivated murder.
News December 15, 2014
Does he belong in a prison or a hospital?
News December 13, 2014
The sweet spot in criminal justice reform.
News December 12, 2014
A new law promises to track civilians killed by police. Don’t hold your breath.
News December 12, 2014
When the threat of a white jury is an interrogation tool.
News December 11, 2014
Our favorite nugget from the torture report.
News December 10, 2014
Not much. Which may be why Robert Holsey is dead.
News December 9, 2014
Prison inmates are dying of cold. Why?
News December 4, 2014
Reckoning with the great justice divide.
News December 3, 2014
Some questions and answers about the city’s new mental health initiative.
News December 2, 2014
Can New York’s police learn to handle the mentally ill?
News December 2, 2014
Police cams are all the rage. Are they the answer?
News December 1, 2014
Conservative stalwarts urge Texas to spare Scott Panetti.
News December 1, 2014
The impending execution of Scott Panetti and the search for a standard of sanity.
News December 1, 2014
Protecting doctors who testify for lethal injections.
News November 26, 2014
What to read in the aftermath.
News November 25, 2014
10 must-reads from coverage of the decision, and the protests.
News November 24, 2014
It's not over for Ferguson.
News November 24, 2014
In the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pennsylvania says no.
News November 21, 2014
Obama’s immigration plan has no room for criminals. But what’s a criminal?
News November 21, 2014
Tales from a week of overturned convictions.
News November 18, 2014
New numbers from 28 states suggest otherwise.
News November 17, 2014
A grand jury's secret, thankless ordeal.
News November 17, 2014
Crowded cells, aging inmates, soaring costs.
News November 17, 2014
Will Senator Grassley kill the Smarter Sentencing Act?