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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
News September 17
Your guide to becoming a source
News September 14
And it’s sapping energy from other law enforcement missions
News September 7
An antiquated law in Virginia targets “habitual drunkards.”
News September 4
A lawsuit is challenging private hearings that take just seconds.
News August 13
A clash over evidence that could help defendants has wider implications.
News August 12
For some, science is outpacing the High Court on juveniles and the death penalty.
News August 6
Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown, both Democrats, want answers from the insurance industry.
News August 1
Do states have an obligation to educate formerly incarcerated people about their new rights?
News July 30
Despite years of criticism, New Hampshire has no place but prison for the dangerously mentally ill.
News July 25
But the accusations are still rarely found to be true.