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Recent stories from The Marshall Project.
News November 12
Pairing old-school defense with attention to real-life problems gets people out of jail.
News October 25
Have you ever run away from home? What’s your most unusual sex act?
News October 25
The president wants to send more prisoners to halfway houses. The Justice Department is doing exactly the opposite.
News October 18
Neko Wilson to be released in the first test of California’s felony murder law.
News October 15
After forcing Nevada into a legal battle over its lethal injection drugs, an execution “volunteer” says the state is punishing him.
News October 15
Dallas cops who were veterans fired their weapons more than those who never served in the armed forces, study shows.
News October 9
Connecticut’s WORTH program uses therapy, classes and mentoring to try to keep women from coming back.
News October 2
At 16, one deadly punch sent him away for life. The Supreme Court gave him a second chance at freedom.
News September 28
Your guide to becoming a source
News September 26
The North Carolina bar says he fleeced two mentally disabled brothers.