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Q&A November 28
The Marshall Project’s Andrew Cohen on how he curates our popular morning newsletter and what’s changed in criminal justice news since it began four years ago.
Commentary November 13
Midterms show wide support across party lines for changing the system.
Analysis November 1
Our roundup: drugs, policing, juries, even slavery.
Series August 28
A collection of stories about criminal justice in Chicago
Q&A June 18
The CNN host defends his involvement with a controversial prison reform bill and the Trump White House.
News May 22
Congress and criminal justice, a scorecard
News April 4
Wisconsin shows off the new normal in judicial elections: political, expensive and often about something else.
Analysis March 30
The link between immigration and crime exists in the imaginations of Americans, and nowhere else.
Quiz December 20, 2017
How well do you remember 2017’s biggest stories?
News December 13, 2017
The Alabama Democrat represents the flip-side of his predecessor.