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News November 16, 2018
Too much? Too little? You be the judge.
News May 22, 2018
Congress and criminal justice, a scorecard
News March 20, 2018
‘Sentence review units’ would revisit harsh punishments from the past.
News March 15, 2018
Trump’s nominee to this panel called it “an overfed lemur.”
Commentary May 30, 2017
It’s a building full of prosecutors.
Life Inside May 4, 2017
A judge examines the impact on those he sentences.
Commentary May 2, 2017
There are criminal justice actors more powerful than prosecutors.
Commentary January 26, 2017
The difference between the freed and the left-behind was often luck.
Commentary January 24, 2017
Lesson One: Don’t make policies when emotions are running high.
Analysis December 16, 2016
Four reasons a bipartisan bill has a better chance than you think