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News December 13
But many Texas prisons don’t have working fire alarms.
News August 11
In Texas, prisoners are opening their cells to chat—and to riot.
Coronavirus May 2
Among the many incarcerated people who have died from COVID-19 was Marshall Project contributor Timothy Bazrowx, one of Texas' best chroniclers of prison life.
Coronavirus April 30
A state spokesman says the system has more than 100,000 N95 masks, but it’s unclear how many have been given to officers or prisoners.
Life Inside January 25, 2018
When a trip to the hospital means spending hours on a cramped bus handcuffed to another prisoner.
Life Inside February 16, 2017
‘I can’t touch him and comfort him.’
Looking Back May 30, 2016
And he played drums in a prison band.
News April 14, 2016
A new policy in Texas limits inmates’ access to social media, creating a First Amendment conundrum.
News January 27, 2015
A new report details abuse of blind, deaf and disabled inmates in a Texas prison.