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The System is an email series about how criminal justice really works in America, from The Marshall Project.

The System November 13
Sure, prisons and jails are dangerous places. But everyday life inside isn’t as explosive as TV and movies make it look.
The System November 11
The United States locks up more people per capita than any other developed country. Here’s why.
The System November 4
“We put together the most cumbersome and expensive trial system that the world has ever seen, and then we decided we can’t do it for all but a tiny, tiny portion of people.”
The System October 30
Bail reform is state-by-state and full of fits and starts. Some activists are taking direct action, raising funds to bail out defendants too poor to pay.
The System October 28
A tool that is supposed to ensure that people make their court dates has become another avenue for class and race inequities.
The System October 23
What do advocates mean when they call for “defunding,” “abolishing” or “reimagining” the police?
The System October 21
Police forces in the U.S. were originally founded to secure private property—including human beings.