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July, 2017

Can Sex Sell Peace?
Condemned to Death — And Solitary Confinement
Fearful of Court, Asylum Seekers are Banished in Absentia
Federal Watchdog Finds Mentally Ill Are Stuck in Solitary
Hell Is Trying to Visit My Jailed Client
Hot Chicken, Fair Chance
How Fake Cops Got $1.2 Million in Real Weapons
How to Count the Hidden Prisoners
My Friend Killed Himself in an Alabama Prison
Nine Lessons About Criminal Justice Reform
One Bit of Good News for Immigrants in Detention
Our Long, Troubling History of Sterilizing the Incarcerated
The Accident That Changed My Life in Prison
The Day I Found Out About My Dad's Parole
To Be Good Employees, the Formerly Incarcerated Must First Become Bosses
We Saw Monsters. She Saw Humans.
When a Witness Confronts the Accused: Is a Courtroom I.D. Fair?
White America’s Unshakeable Confidence in the Police
Who Pays for Jail Rape?