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July, 2020

A Dispatch From Federal Death Row
"All of Us Inside Have Cried Out"
As More Federal Agents Enter American Cities, Local Leaders Can’t Keep Them In Line
A Year After Prison, He Has a Job, a Fiancée—And a Week Left of Freedom
Biden Inches Leftward On Immigration
David Eads Joins The Marshall Project as Data Editor
Did “Live PD” Let Police Censor Footage?
Freed From Prison, Dead from COVID-19, Not Even Counted
How ICE Exported the Coronavirus
How Long Can You Hide a Dead Body in a Prison Cell?
I Am Not Your “Other”
One Roadblock to Police Reform: Veteran Officers Who Train Recruits
Prison Populations Drop by 100,000 During Pandemic
She Said Her Husband Hit Her. She Lost Custody of Their Kids
Their Unlikely Alliance Began at Whataburger. Can They Reform a Texas Jail?
They Agreed to Meet Their Mother’s Killer. Then Tragedy Struck Again.
This City Stopped Sending Police to Every 911 Call
Will The Reckoning Over Racist Names Include These Prisons?
Witnesses to the Execution
You Can Get Kicked Out of a Jury Pool For Supporting Black Lives Matter
Your Local Jail May Be A House of Horrors
Your Zoom Interrogation Is About To Start