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January, 2023

After Deadly Prison Fires, Will the Texas Legislature Fund Safety Fixes?
Ashley Dye Named Audience Director for The Marshall Project
Giving Incarcerated People What They Want — Better News Access
How an Illicit Cell Phone Helped Me Take College Courses from Prison
How Police Unions Try to Tilt the Scales on Oversight Boards
How Two States Differ on the Injustice of Non-Unanimous Juries
In an Effort to Diversify, Cleveland Police Look to HBCUs
It’s Not Just a Police Problem, Americans Are Opting Out of Government Jobs
‘Pig Slop’ No More? Texas Prisons Detail Plan To Improve Food
The Many Ingenious Ways People in Prison Use (Forbidden) Cell Phones
The Marshall Project and VICE News to Launch Inside Story Show
The Marshall Project: Diversity and Inclusion, 2022
Tyre Nichols’ Death: How Black Officers Alone Can’t Stop Brutal Policing
Virginia School Shooting Tests How Young Is Too Young to be Prosecuted
‘You Ain’t No Big Man’: Videos Show Disparities in Cleveland Police Response to Kids in Crisis