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Damini Sharma is a former data fellow at The Marshall Project. During her fellowship, she was pursuing a Master of Science degree in computational analysis and public policy at the University of Chicago. Previously, she worked in nonprofits, research labs and local government, using programming, data analysis and visualization to help improve outcomes in education and criminal justice. Prior to The Marshall Project, she worked with Associazione Antigone, an Italian NGO that monitors prison conditions and advocates for criminal justice reform.
Twitter @sharmad23
Analysis February 22
If not for inconsistent and shoddy record-keeping, we might know if settlements make a difference in police misconduct.
Feature November 17, 2020
Police dogs bite thousands of Americans each year, including innocent bystanders, children, police officers, even their own handlers. The Marshall Project—in collaboration with, IndyStar and the Invisible Institute—examined more than 150 serious cases nationwide.
Feature October 15, 2020
A series on the damage police dogs inflict on Americans, published in collaboration with, IndyStar and the Invisible Institute.
Analysis August 21, 2020
New data shows deaths from all causes—COVID and otherwise—have gone up 9 percent among White Americans, but more than 30 percent in communities of color.
Coronavirus July 16, 2020
But not because of COVID-19 releases.
News June 18, 2020
Lawmakers in 16 states have introduced bills to improve police oversight and accountability.