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Robin Washington has been an editor, columnist and reporter for many news organizations. He is a member of the editorial board of The Boston Globe and a contributor to several publications and broadcast outlets. He lives in Duluth, Minnesota.
Twitter @robinbirk
Commentary July 3
Had British authorities and their soldiers exercised de-escalation tactics, would the United States exist today?
News May 3
A memorial, a pilgrimage, a reconciliation.
Commentary February 13
Jeff Sessions is right about the ‘heritage' of U.S. sheriffs, in more ways than one.
Commentary October 5, 2017
The definition of terrorism varies by jurisdiction and has morphed over time.
Commentary April 12, 2017
Before United, a legacy of excessive force in transportation
Justice Lab March 27, 2017
The search for the truly nonlethal weapon.
Justice Lab October 12, 2016
Training cops in the use of force.
Justice Lab September 29, 2016
An end to traffic stops and hot pursuit. Arrest by drones. And new tricks for terrorists.
Commentary July 11, 2016
On paper, he looked like a career criminal. But look closer.