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A column that examines the science, social science and technology of criminal justice
Justice Lab July 15
Corrections officials have little data on the electronic monitoring of former prisoners. A new bill aims to change that.
Justice Lab April 14
A landmark law lets the state track people through the justice system. But that’s tougher than it sounds.
Justice Lab February 14
When it comes to setting the record straight, court reporting technology is still not up to speed.
Justice Lab August 14, 2018
Can neuroscience predict how likely someone is to commit another crime?
Justice Lab July 31, 2018
How a ‘90s panic spawned an anti-crime measure that doesn’t make you safer.
Justice Lab May 24, 2018
When your appliances work as police informants.
Justice Lab December 15, 2017
Why are black imprisonment rates going down? Four theories.
Justice Lab March 27, 2017
The search for the truly nonlethal weapon.
Justice Lab October 27, 2016
Science — and law enforcement — are rethinking young adults.
Justice Lab October 12, 2016
Training cops in the use of force.