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News August 14
A hiring freeze by the Trump administration shrank the federal prison workforce at twice the rate of the declining prison population.
Analysis August 9
If it sounds too good to be true, legal experts say, it probably is.
News June 18
About 750 federal inmates will be transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody starting in mid-July.
News June 5
Officials are trying to line up jobs and housing for 2,200 inmates who are scheduled to be freed in July under the First Step Act.
Life Inside January 17
There will be beans (there's always beans). And half of a chicken.
News January 7
Family visits canceled, guards driving for Uber, rising tensions and more.
Feature November 21, 2018
The Bureau of Prisons set higher standards for psychiatric care. But instead of helping more inmates, the agency dropped thousands from its caseload, data shows.
News January 26, 2018
The bureau relents in a stalemate over pepper spray.
Commentary October 17, 2017
The Bureau of Prisons fails to provide basic resources to undocumented prisoners.
News September 25, 2017
Stalemate over a can of pepper spray.