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Fresh context, analysis, and perspective on the world of criminal justice.
Commentary December 12
We share some of our criminal justice favorites of the year.
Commentary December 5
Why eliminating bail is bad for my industry, defendants and everyone else.
Commentary November 19
Former attorney general’s directives make it easy to render federal action against abusive police departments ineffective.
Commentary November 13
An appreciation of the Harvard sociologist who meticulously documented racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.
Commentary November 13
Midterms show wide support across party lines for changing the system.
Commentary November 7
With the passage of Amendment 4, more than a million people intimately affected by the criminal justice system have become more empowered to shape it.
Commentary October 30
A former police chief on why the job should be more than “runnin’ and gunnin’.”
Commentary October 28
Can the conviction of Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke finally force policing into the 21st century?
Commentary October 16
A retired police officer reflects on the Jason Van Dyke verdict.
Commentary October 11
Powerful HBO documentary chronicles family trauma caused by mandatory minimums.