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Fresh context, analysis, and perspective on the world of criminal justice.
Commentary March 21
“Can criminal justice reform succeed without addressing the health of incarcerated people?"
Commentary January 15
We Are Witnesses: Becoming an American sparks a difficult but honest conversation about the U.S. immigration system.
Commentary January 14
The Marshall Project's new film series takes you inside the U.S. immigration system through personal, poignant testimonials.
Commentary December 27, 2018
Finish the year strong with journalism that makes a difference.
Commentary December 20, 2018
Germany reckoned with its past to build a better justice system. America should too.
Commentary December 18, 2018
California scales back its felony murder rule.
Commentary December 12, 2018
We share some of our criminal justice favorites of the year.
Commentary December 5, 2018
Why eliminating bail is bad for my industry, defendants and everyone else.
Commentary November 19, 2018
Former attorney general’s directives make it easy to render federal action against abusive police departments ineffective.
Commentary November 13, 2018
An appreciation of the Harvard sociologist who meticulously documented racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.