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Fresh context, analysis, and perspective on the world of criminal justice.
Commentary April 27
He was the first man executed by Arkansas in nearly 12 years. Jurors never heard his story.
Commentary April 17
A prosecutor on what his wife, a defense attorney, taught him about justice.
Commentary April 12
Before United, a legacy of excessive force in transportation
Commentary April 3
A former prison journalist on what’s missing from criminal justice coverage.
Commentary March 21
Unable to afford a trial transcript, a journalist digs into the laws that govern them.
Commentary March 13
Anti-crime strategies should try to fix what makes hotspots prone to violence.
Commentary March 8
A pending vote on class actions could determine the future of civil rights cases.
Commentary February 28
Immigrants may actually bring down crime in areas where they live.
Commentary February 16
It’s the easiest drug to traffic in small batches, and it is very lucrative.
Commentary January 30
Consent decrees can improve law enforcement even in cities that aren’t investigated.
Commentary January 26
The difference between the freed and the left-behind was often luck.
Commentary January 24
Lesson One: Don’t make policies when emotions are running high.
Commentary January 19
Listen to Pence, Carson, Priebus, Kushner — and look out your window.
Commentary January 18
End overcriminalization, reward success, pay attention to the heroin crisis.
Commentary January 17
Focus on intent, tailor the punishment to the crime, prepare prisoners for life after incarceration.
Commentary December 22
Some of the best work from across the country.
Commentary December 21
In-depth investigations, insightful features and one story to give us hope.
Commentary December 20
For defenders, the frantic paperwork ends, and so does a client’s life.
Commentary December 14
Scope, purpose, duration — in short, everything
Commentary October 28
How New York City Cut Crime and Incarceration at the Same Time
Commentary September 9
A wrenching new book recounts the bloodiest prison battle in our history.
Commentary August 16
A look inside a culture of pervasive misconduct.
Commentary August 12
A scathing report calls for “better oversight.” That’s not enough.
Commentary July 31
A call for criminal justice reform.
Commentary July 17
While the feds fiddle, some locals are innovating.
Commentary July 11
On paper, he looked like a career criminal. But look closer.
Commentary July 6
Don’t overlook local jails.
Commentary June 15
Getting suspended or expelled should not be the end of hope.
Commentary June 13
A judge takes a hard look at tribal justice.
Commentary June 12
So why do so many suspects confess to crimes they didn’t commit?
Commentary June 9
How Terrance Williams became the face of the death penalty debate in Pennsylvania.
Commentary June 6
Lessons learned from the crack epidemic.
Commentary June 5
That’s not happening. Instead, why not make it a model?
Commentary May 22
We’re going to shackle you while you give birth, but you’ll look great.
Commentary April 27
What we call the imprisoned matters.
Commentary April 18
From David Simon's Baltimore anguish to elite police fraternities to teens behind bars.
Commentary April 11
Pause the debate for some inconvenient history.
Commentary April 6
What society owes the exonerated.
Commentary March 30
A close look at the grand compromise of 1976.
Commentary March 28
The South Carolina prosecutor is known as ‘Death Penalty Donnie.’
Commentary March 8
Remembering Robert Knott, a case the Justice Department would rather you forget
Commentary March 6
An attorney pieces together a life cut short.
Commentary February 17
He would defend your liberty, but not your right to a lawyer.
Commentary February 17
He thought the Fourth Amendment protected property, not people.
Commentary February 11
Why African-Americans don’t trust the courts, and why it matters.
Commentary February 9
What you had to say about our latest story on predictive policing.
Commentary February 8
What the Black Lives Matter movement misses about those police shootings.
Commentary January 15
Two towering lives in a prequel to Black Lives Matter.
Commentary January 11
What the left and right got wrong about crime in 2015.
Commentary December 22
“In my five years running the Washington system, I never saw one white youth in my correctional facility.”
Commentary December 21
Three themes that will trend, three that won’t
Commentary December 18
Missed the discussion? Here are the highlights.
Commentary December 17
Gretchen Sween was hired a month before Holiday was executed. This is what she saw.
Commentary December 16
Thursday at 12:30 PM, The Marshall Project and ProPublica are hosting a Digg Dialog on how police should handle rape allegations.
Commentary December 15
A new tool drills down on hidden incarceration rates.
Commentary December 2
Why mental health experts are up in arms.
Commentary November 18
On the eve of the next execution, a look at the state’s history of bad lawyering and faulty evidence.
Commentary October 23
Twitter and Facebook react.
Commentary October 23
Other voices from the criminal justice community weigh in.
Commentary October 23
Measure what really matters.
Commentary October 15
Step one: let’s find out if it works.
Commentary October 13
It’s not about non-violent offenders. And it won’t be cheap.
Commentary October 7
Black leaders also embraced it.
Commentary October 5
Society won’t fix a prison system it can’t see.
Commentary October 5
It’s time to take these cases away from local prosecutors.
Commentary September 15
Can the GOP interest in criminal justice reform survive Donald Trump?
Commentary September 9
Quality of life is not just for wealthy suburbanites.
Commentary September 4
(And the same goes for the “Ferguson Effect.”)
Commentary September 3
People from across the political spectrum suggest criminal justice reforms the president should enact during his remaining time in office.
Commentary August 13
Sorry, Mr. Bratton. Science says no.
Commentary July 27
Would the Founders have protected people we execute now?
Commentary July 21
“Go Set a Watchman” puts the “white savior” notion in its place.
Commentary July 17
Want to fix Rikers? Close it.
Commentary July 9
It trades one burden for another.
Commentary July 8
An author and former prisoner reflects on the white supremacist’s potential fate.
Commentary June 28
Bill Keller, Dana Goldstein, Alysia Santo and Eli Hager will answer your questions on what life is like on Rikers, and recent reform efforts.
Commentary June 26
A former CO — and first-time OITNB-watcher — weighs in.
Commentary June 22
The not-so-nice kids don’t deserve to be brutalized, either.
Commentary June 12
A Colorado judge on why we don’t know nearly enough about the link between the young brains and behavior.
Commentary June 9
Former corrections chief Martin Horn has some ideas for Rikers Island.
Commentary June 2
A psychiatrist analyzes the notebook of James Holmes.
Commentary May 28
A deep-red state shows the way, with conservatives in the lead.
Commentary May 21
It’s an internment camp.
Commentary April 3
What to call incarcerated people: Your feedback
Commentary April 1
An invitation to our audience.
Commentary March 30
What a battle between a Mississippi judge and a group of public defenders tells us about the state of indigent defense.
Commentary March 19
Georgia has become the laboratory of criminal justice reform.
Commentary March 16
Four ways prosecutors can improve their decision-making.
Commentary March 13
Governor Cuomo’s compromise leaves too many children behind.
Commentary March 13
The incoming head of the Death Penalty Information Center on the time he was a potential juror in a capital case.
Commentary March 4
Where suspects, by the thousands, disappear.
Commentary March 2
On the 10th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision about juveniles and the death penalty, what has really changed?
Commentary February 27
How a post-Civil War massacre impacted racial justice in America.
Commentary February 26
Thurgood Marshall’s unsentimental views on race and the death penalty.
Commentary February 25
One conservative black activist’s campaign for community crime control.
Commentary February 24
Life inside the infamous Willacy immigration prison.
Commentary February 20
The odd-couple alliance on justice reform is not as odd as it seems.
Commentary February 19
In the case of this wrongfully convicted man, Louisiana says $0.00.
Commentary February 18
A social worker’s take on the misery of probation.
Commentary February 13
A prosecutor considers one his office got wrong.
Commentary January 27
Paying the wrongfully imprisoned, quickly, is both moral and economical.
Commentary January 2
Four things the next attorney general needs to know about America’s indigent defense crisis.
Commentary December 26
It’s up to judges to restore balance
Commentary December 19
Five ideas for reshaping law enforcement
Commentary December 17
A close look at the L.A. County Jail settlement
Commentary December 9
Feds announce new racial profiling rules — and local police yawn
Commentary November 30
There are fates worse than death.
Commentary November 21
A debate between Judge Harvie Wilkinson III and Stephen Bright.