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News January 28
Some 26,000 immigrant children who claim abuse, neglect or abandonment must remain effectively undocumented for years, despite being eligible for green cards.
Migrant families from Central America are released at the border with orders to appear for future hearings in immigration court, on June 11, 2018 in McAllen, Texas.
News November 23, 2020
Restoring asylum claims and judges’ independence will be uphill work.
People lined up outside the building that houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the immigration court in Atlanta in June.
Analysis August 28, 2019
Calls grow to create an independent court system that protects immigration judges from political pressure.
Mauricio Basaves, who came to the United States from Mexico illegally 20 years ago, built a trucking company and raised a family.  He faces an extended fight in the Denver immigration court to avoid deportation.
News July 16, 2019
A series of policy changes has failed to reduce the ever-growing backlog of cases waiting to be resolved.
While Alejandra Garcia Zamarrón has left for Mexico to avoid detention, her youngest daughter is still living in Georgia.
News May 8, 2019
‘Voluntary departure’ applications surge as immigrants decide it’s better to return to their native countries than languish in a detention facility.
Commentary January 14, 2019
The Marshall Project's new film series takes you inside the U.S. immigration system through personal, poignant testimonials.
People line up in Tijuana, Mexico, to begin the process of applying for asylum in the United States.
Analysis November 7, 2018
Assessing the ousted attorney general's legacy on President Trump's favorite issue.
Ana Karen Torres Martínez with her 3-year-old daughter, Addison Camilt Torres, in Raleigh, N.C. Torres Martínez fled Mexico in 2016 after a woman she believed had links to a Mexican drug cartel abducted her other young daughter. She is currently applying for asylum.
Feature July 30, 2017
Under Trump, an Obama strategy unravels
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visits the Mariposa border in Nogales, Ariz.
News April 16, 2017
Under Sessions’ latest orders, the border is everywhere.