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Feature January 18
More than a year ago, Nevada death row prisoner Scott Dozier gave up his legal appeals and asked to be executed. He’s still waiting.
Case in Point April 24, 2017
The strange case of a convicted killer whose “victim” probably died of her own drug overdose.
Case in Point April 10, 2017
...and the detective she says cooked the case.
Life Inside March 23, 2017
Two years later and no arrest. ‘Will it ever happen?’
Feature March 22, 2017
Eight young men and the murder story that sent them away for life
Life Inside January 5, 2017
A grandmother struggles to explain the unexplainable.
Looking Back December 20, 2016
An extraordinary story of justice done, and what came after.
Case in Point November 14, 2016
The evidence against Rodney Lincoln has evaporated, but the courts say he’s out of luck.
Life Inside September 8, 2016
“I can’t help but hate myself for what I did.”
Feature June 28, 2016
I grew up idolizing my brother. Then he killed a man.
The Lowdown September 24, 2015
The paradox of “felony murder” laws.
Q&A April 2, 2015
“Every year, more than 5,000 murderers walk free.”
News February 25, 2015
A trial in Texas tests the limits of America’s sympathy for war-damaged vets.