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Life Inside August 22, 2019
“Together we prayed and talked about who this girl might have been—and who she might have become.”
Life Inside December 6, 2018
“We don’t live on death row; we wait to die.”
Feature November 21, 2018
The Bureau of Prisons set higher standards for psychiatric care. But instead of helping more inmates, the agency dropped thousands from its caseload, data shows.
Life Inside August 9, 2018
I looked into her eyes and told her, “Promise me you won’t hurt yourself again.”
Feature June 21, 2018
Policies for notifying families about inmate deaths vary by state. Some say the process is often inhumane.
Life Inside July 13, 2017
A rash of suicides in solitary confinement hits an inmate close to home.
Men wait for an afternoon court appearance at the Milwaukee County Jail in 2009.
News April 28, 2017
The news from your local lockup is not good.
Life Inside March 30, 2017
A prison psychologist mourns a patient he tried to save.
Life Inside January 26, 2017
Is dying sooner better than being executed later?
Analysis December 15, 2016
New federal data shows some stark racial disparities.