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Ken Armstrong is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who previously worked at The Seattle Times and Chicago Tribune, where his work helped prompt the Illinois governor to suspend executions and later empty death row. He has been the McGraw Professor of Writing at Princeton and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.
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News April 28
The news from your local lockup is not good.
Feature April 16
What happens when juries decide to tie one on.
News February 14
Sometimes justice is just weird.
Looking Back December 20
An extraordinary story of justice done, and what came after.
News October 3
Police want a sample. They can do it the easy way, or they can do it the hard way.
Feature July 13
At a painful time, a roundup of proposed remedies
Looking Back July 8
On criminal justice, Abner Mikva was about 20 years early.
Feature January 4
At 16, Taurus Buchanan threw one deadly punch—and was sent away for life. Will the Supreme Court give him, and hundreds like him, a chance at freedom?
News December 18
“An Unbelievable Story of Rape” by The Marshall Project and ProPublica underscored the need for improving rape investigations. Here’s how.
Feature December 16
An 18-year-old said she was attacked at knifepoint. Then she said she made it up. That’s where our story begins.
News December 16
A roundup of interviews and documents.
News September 14
Can you really trust an informant who’s been arrested in 43 states?
News September 4
A confession, a threat—it’s probably taped. And admissible.
News August 26
An appeals lawyer who has represented more than a half-dozen men put to death in Missouri faces questions about her competency.
News August 10
Getting caught in a speed trap in a small Louisiana town.
Looking Back July 14
The penal colony where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated was “a paradise by comparison.”
News June 25
A case so messy one judge says it’s an argument for abolishing the death penalty.
Feature June 9
Missouri keeps killing Jennifer Herndon’s clients. So she invented an alternate life.
News May 7
She was for reform before she was against it before she was for it.
Looking Back April 30
The life and death of Robert Utter, former state Supreme Court justice and death penalty opponent.
Q&A March 23
What a journalist’s seven-year walk around the world reveals about global policing.
Looking Back March 13
The gruesome 18th Century legal case that turned a famed philosopher into a crusader for the innocent.
News February 13
As Pennsylvania hits pause on capital punishment, the script sounds familiar.
News February 4
And you thought it was only teenagers...
News January 23
Is clemency still the third rail? We may find out.
News January 22
Another conviction is thrown out after prosecutors misuse PowerPoint.
News January 20
He was nearly executed because his lawyers missed a filing deadline. Now the Supreme Court has weighed in on what should happen next.
News December 23
When prosecutors slide around the law.
News December 10
Not much. Which may be why Robert Holsey is dead.
Looking Back December 8
A black woman stood up to white police, and made history.
Feature November 16
When lawyers stumble, only their clients fall.
Feature November 15
How bad lawyering and an unforgiving law cost condemned men their last appeal.