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Ken Armstrong is a former staff writer and a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who previously worked at The Seattle Times and Chicago Tribune, where his work helped prompt the Illinois governor to suspend executions and later empty death row. He has been the McGraw Professor of Writing at Princeton and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.
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News September 5, 2019
The series, “Unbelievable,” draws from our award-winning reporting with ProPublica and “This American Life.”
News April 28, 2017
The news from your local lockup is not good.
Feature April 16, 2017
What happens when juries decide to tie one on.
News February 14, 2017
Sometimes justice is just weird.
Looking Back December 20, 2016
An extraordinary story of justice done, and what came after.
News October 3, 2016
Police want a sample. They can do it the easy way, or they can do it the hard way.
Feature July 13, 2016
At a painful time, a roundup of proposed remedies
Looking Back July 8, 2016
On criminal justice, Abner Mikva was about 20 years early.