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Life Inside February 8
“I’ve seen more men masturbate than I can count.”
Commentary December 1, 2017
The process that sent a teenage sex-trafficking victim to prison for life didn’t fail. It worked as it was designed to.
Life Inside August 17, 2017
A Christian inmate confronts his own beliefs.
Case in Point July 17, 2017
Under “qualified immunity,” often no one.
Analysis October 17, 2016
How various states punish the act.
Life Inside August 25, 2016
“They look tired, ragged, and sick, more so than they thought they would.”
Commentary August 16, 2016
A look inside a culture of pervasive misconduct.
Case in Point August 15, 2016
Suppose a judge decides not to decide. For five years.
News June 7, 2016
A high-profile sexual-assault case provokes demands for pulling the judge off the bench, but such a remedy is rare.
News December 28, 2015
A 5-year turnaround is cited as a model of prevention.
Commentary December 18, 2015
Missed the discussion? Here are the highlights.
News December 17, 2015
A Marshall Project reading list.
Commentary December 16, 2015
Thursday at 12:30 PM, The Marshall Project and ProPublica are hosting a Digg Dialog on how police should handle rape allegations.
Feature December 16, 2015
An 18-year-old said she was attacked at knifepoint. Then she said she made it up. That’s where our story begins.
News December 16, 2015
A roundup of interviews and documents.
Feature February 25, 2015
What happens when you throw a teenager into an adult prison? Guess.