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News and Awards June 14
Torres will lead a new Marshall Project reporting initiative in the high incarceration states of the American South.
News June 12
Craig Hicks' broad hatred of non-white people lay behind the 2015 crime.
Life Inside June 12
“Prison was where I grew to love one of the finest human beings I have ever known.”
News June 12
For the Muslim community in North Carolina, motive matters in 2015 student shootings.
Life Inside June 11
“In a way, it was like seeing myself clearly for the first time.”
Feature June 11
Courts often order children who break the law to pay thousands of dollars in restitution to victims—even when the victim is an insurance company.
News June 11
In Maine and Vermont, low literacy rates and little access to information means many inmates don’t exercise their right to cast ballots.
Life Inside June 10
“She saw a glimpse of me and what our life could be if I was free.”
News June 10
Lawmakers change rules after Marshall Project report on compensation fund.
Life Inside June 10
"We take turns holding the mirror to see each other. And we talk for hours."