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Feature October 31
Cities say the feds won’t follow their rules about using force, body cams.
News and Awards October 29
Solomon previously worked as the senior editorial director of Colorlines.
News October 28
They defend their criminal justice records and tout proposals at nation’s first town hall held by formerly incarcerated people.
Life Inside October 28
“Even in prison, I didn’t feel so overwhelmed with worry about doing something wrong when I’m doing everything right.”
News and Awards October 28
The Marshall Project presents a historic town hall, hosted by Voters Organized To Educate at Eastern State Penitentiary.
Life Inside October 24
Waiting to die, we haunt our loved ones.
News Inside October 24
The second edition of The Marshall Project's print publication explores the concept of freedom: mental, physical and spiritual.
Feature October 24
The state’s attorney promised to transform the office. Data shows she’s dismissed thousands of felonies that would have been pursued in the past.
News October 21
A new documentary from The Marshall Project and Frontline (PBS) offers a rare look at the lives of expectant mothers inside a notorious women’s prison.
Life Inside October 17
“What he really needed, a lawyer couldn’t give him.”