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News August 14
A hiring freeze by the Trump administration shrank the federal prison workforce at twice the rate of the declining prison population.
Analysis August 9
If it sounds too good to be true, legal experts say, it probably is.
Life Inside August 8
“Down in a wastewater-treatment pit, I kept furiously shoving the black liquid toward the pump, with a squeegee.”
News August 7
North Carolina Supreme Court hearings raise broad questions of systemic bias in the state judicial system.
News and Awards August 6
Filmmakers, including those impacted by the criminal justice system, invited to apply.
Analysis August 2
Democratic debates show how far the conversation has come on justice reform.
Life Inside August 1
A man convicted of murder reflects on his life, his crime and his punishment.
Feature August 1
A Texas con artist made millions promising prisoners' families the thing they wanted most: To bring their children home.
News August 1
In Detroit, court-appointed lawyers for the poor are encouraged to take on large caseloads at the expense of their clients, a new report says.