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Life Inside March 21
Exercising my right to a jury trial cost me years of my life.
Commentary March 21
“Can criminal justice reform succeed without addressing the health of incarcerated people?"
News March 20
Dial-an-interpreter services rankle judges who want in-person translators.
Case in Point March 18
North Carolina judge denies testing in a 1992 murder case, but lawyers want shell casings examined.
Life Inside March 14
“There is hardly a day that passes when I do not see his face.”
News March 14
Judges have drastically cut back on bail and jail in criminal cases, a new study shows. And defendants are still showing up in court.
News March 12
Supporters worry because law seeks $75 million a year for five years, but president’s plan lists $14 million.
Life Inside March 7
“There wasn’t enough ibuprofen in the world to combat the pain I was experiencing.”
News and Awards March 5
Celina Fang is also recognized with an Award of Excellence.
News March 5
Critics oppose disclosing enrollment in drug-court programs and other prison alternatives.