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Life Inside October 23
Between a strained relationship with my family and the death of a good friend, I’ve struggled to feel like I’m worth something.
News and Awards October 21
Our new limited-run email series explores how the criminal justice system actually works.
News and Awards October 16
Honored again for “General Excellence in Online Journalism.”
News and Awards October 16
Honored for overall excellence and two multimedia features.
Feature October 13
Law enforcement releases little information about their K-9s, despite injuries and death.
Feature October 11
Why K-9s in Indianapolis have mauled so many people—and why that may change.
News October 11
It has the highest rate of bites per population among the largest cities in the U.S.
Analysis October 7
A brief history of a political dog whistle.
Coronavirus October 7
As COVID-19 spread earlier this year, prison facilities across the country suspended visits from family and lawyers. Several months into the pandemic, some states are easing those restrictions. We’re rounding up the changes as they occur.
News October 7
Wardens blocked bids for freedom as COVID-19 spread behind bars, data shows.