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June, 2020

A Major Obstacle to Police Reform: The Whiteness of Their Union Bosses
As George Floyd Died, Officer Wondered About “Excited Delirium”
Elan Kiderman joins The Marshall Project as Director of Product
From Michael Brown to George Floyd: What We’ve Learned About Policing
Have COVID-19? Cops May Have Your Neighborhood on a “Heat Map”
How My White Privilege Protected Me In Jail
“I Begged Them To Let Me Die”: How Federal Prisons Became Coronavirus Death Traps.
Immigrant Teens Left Out When Trump Ended DACA Are In Limbo After Supreme Court Ruling.
Is Child Abuse Really Rising During The Pandemic?
“It Was An Execution”: Nicolas Chavez Was On His Knees When Police Killed Him. His Father Wants Answers.
I Wonder If They Know My Son Is Loved
Jails Are Coronavirus Hotbeds. How Many People Should Be Released To Slow The Spread?
“Juvenile Lifers” Were Meant to Get a Second Chance. COVID-19 Could Get Them First.
Masks On, Fists Up: Scenes from New York City’s Protests Against Police Violence
My Dad Went to Prison When I Was 5. Now I Write About Families Like Mine
New Hope for People Who Claim Racism Tainted Their Death Sentence
Police Arrested Fewer People During Coronavirus Shutdowns—Even Fewer Were White
Shining a Light on Life Behind Bars
Support For Defunding The Police Department Is Growing. Here’s Why It’s Not A Silver Bullet.
These Political Candidates Are Embracing Their Criminal Records
The Short, Fraught History of the ‘Thin Blue Line’ American Flag
The True Costs of Deportation
We Were Gassed, Arrested, and Maybe Exposed to COVID-19
What Are Cops Really Thinking When Routine Arrests Turn Violent?
What COVID-19 Prison Outbreaks Could Teach Us About Herd Immunity
Which States Are Taking on Police Reform After George Floyd?
Why So Many Police Are Handling the Protests Wrong