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April, 2021

As States Expand Vaccine Eligibility, Many People in Prison Still Wait for Shots
Can The Death Penalty Be Fixed? These Republicans Think So
Death Penalty for Mass Shooters? Depends On Where They Strike.
Foster Care Agencies Take Millions of Dollars Owed to Kids. Most Children Have No Idea.
Good Intentions Don’t Blunt the Impact of Dehumanizing Words
How I Convinced My Incarcerated Peers to Make Language a Priority
How We Survived COVID-19 In Prison
I Am Not Your ‘Inmate’
I Was Trained to Call Prisoners a Word They Hated
Living With Survivor’s Guilt on Federal Death Row
Murders Rose Last Year. Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods Were Hit Hardest.
“Nobody Wants to Be Identified as a Victim”
Nothing Has Made Me Feel More American Than Going to Jail
NYPD Hate Crime Data Fails to Capture Harassment Against Asians 65 or Over
People-First Language Matters. So Does the Rest of the Story.
Supreme Court Conservatives Just Made It Easier to Sentence Kids to Life in Prison
The Language Project
The Marshall Project Wins the Goldsmith Prize
These Parents Had to Bond With Their Babies Over Zoom — or Lose Them Forever
Were You Ever in Foster Care? Here’s How to Find Out if the Government Took Your Money
What Words We Use — and Avoid — When Covering People and Incarceration
Why Is It So Hard To Prosecute White Extremists?