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November, 2022

7 Key Criminal Justice Takeaways From the Midterms
Ahead of Midterms, Most Americans Say Crime is Up. What Does the Data Say?
A Rikers Officer Had Sex With a Detainee. It Took 7 Years to Fire Him.
As Police Arrest More Seniors, Those With Dementia Face Deadly Consequences
Between Addiction and Prison, I Left My Boy to Grow Up Without a Dad
Emma Carew Grovum Joins The Marshall Project as First-Ever Director of Careers and Culture
Florida’s Voter Fraud Arrests Are Scaring Away Formerly Incarcerated Voters
How a Wealthy Cleveland Suburb Profits From Ticketing Black Drivers
In Greater Cleveland, Federal COVID Relief for Criminal Justice Goes Mostly to Pay Police
Mississippi Auditor: Prison Company Must Pay $2 Million for No-Show Workers
Policing the Police: A Week of Racism, Abuse and Misconduct
Prosecutors in These States Can Review Sentences They Deem Extreme. Few Do.
When It Comes to Voting in Jail, the Devil Is in the Details
Why So Many Jails Are in a ‘State of Complete Meltdown’