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A Cook County Sheriff's investigator placed an electronic monitoring device on a detainee before he was released in 2018 in Chicago.
Coronavirus November 22, 2020
In Chicago and elsewhere, the number of people wearing an ankle monitor has jumped in recent months due to the pandemic.
Cook County jail detainees cast their votes after a polling place in the facility was opened for early voting on October 17 in Chicago.
News October 26, 2020
The majority of the 745,000 people held in local jails can vote, but few do. Advocates say it’s voter suppression on a national scale.
People wait at the Cook County Jail for loved ones to be released.
Southside October 31, 2018
For many released into the harsh environment outside Chicago’s Cook County Jail, it can be impossible to find their way home.
Kim Foxx, left, was a guest speaker at the Chatham Business Association on Chicago's South Side in late 2017.
Southside October 29, 2018
After the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald, can a new state’s attorney bring real reform to Chicago?
Looking Back May 21, 2015
Cook County Jail will soon be run by a mental health professional. And it’s not the first time.
Commentary January 27, 2015
Paying the wrongfully imprisoned, quickly, is both moral and economical.