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Feature October 22
But will cops training in martial arts lead to struggles that didn’t need to happen?
Feature December 15, 2020
Most officers get training to respond to injuries, but are often not required to use it.
Feature July 22, 2020
Field trainers "are part of the old guard of the department. They teach the old way of doing things."
A demonstrator was arrested during a protest against police brutality in May in New York.
News June 26, 2020
“You have to use a lot of force, or you are going to die.”
Newark police officer Edwin Padilla completed the city's trauma training last November.
News May 1, 2018
Newark tries to restore trust with a novel program.
Detectives conduct an interview at the Gainesville, Fla., Police Department.
News March 7, 2017
A major player in law enforcement says it will no longer use a method linked to false confessions.
Lt. Sekou Millington of the Oakland Police Department uses his taser to respond to a video scenario of a man wielding a knife.
Justice Lab October 12, 2016
Training cops in the use of force.
Feature July 13, 2016
At a painful time, a roundup of proposed remedies
News December 4, 2015
“It keeps replaying on a loop: you smell it and see it and hear it.”
Q&A November 25, 2015
Revisiting a 30-year concept that is used to justify deadly force.