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Life Inside January 21
Doing time during a pandemic can mean fighting for your turn to wash your body or call your family. Inside one man’s battle with an inaudible loudspeaker, weary guards and a dysfunctional process.
Feature December 9, 2020
Prisoners, guards face danger from chronic understaffing by MTC
Arkansas hopes to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by tracking all cases in its prisons, including the Cummins Unit in Lincoln County.
Coronavirus April 24, 2020
Health experts say not testing staff could be a blind spot.
Feature February 20, 2020
Too many prisoners, too few officers leads to violence.
Life Inside October 13, 2016
“No one wants to be accused of being ‘inmate-friendly.’”
Life Inside September 29, 2016
“Timothy. His first name was Timothy. I hadn’t known that. They punish us for using guards’ first names.”
Life Inside July 7, 2016
Dehydrated, hungry prisoners defecating on themselves.
News April 11, 2016
For decades, New York state’s corrections officers union has held the power in disciplinary decisions.
Southport Correctional Facility, in the Southern Tier of New York State, was cited in more lawsuits since 2010 than any state prison except for Attica Correctional Facility.
News December 20, 2015
Under pressure, New York says it will better track correctional officers
Williams at the barber school, from which he hoped to graduate after an upcoming final exam.
News December 11, 2015
‘I never thought people would care.’